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In the beginning...
WebScale originally started it's life as a search engine harvester under development. As time went along and the harvester became more functional crawling the web, it became evident that not all website are created equal. Some websites have malformed HTML, some use Javascript rigmarole to confuse and obfuscate links, and the list goes on and on. It became pretty obvious by the worried pleas from the webmaster as traffic slowly dwindled to nothing that they had no idea that most search engines couldn't make heads or tails of their whizzy cool site - and thus WebScale was born. Actually, Engine Viewer was born but ironically Site Timer was the first tool actually written (what a twisty path our tale takes).

Why WebScale?
Believe me, if you had heard some of the more dubious names for the site you would seriously doubt my judgement. My personal favorite was HelloNinja - you know, like Hello Kitty but with a ninja. It's amazing what starts sounding good after literally hours of looking up domain names and seeing them all already registered - Did you know is registered? I rest my case. In the end WebScale was already in my domain 'portfolio' and after thinking more about it, it started making more and more sense.

How can I help?
Awesome, I can use all the help I can get! Chances are that if you're using this site, you're probably also a web developer, and since pretty much all web developers make websites the absolute bestest gift in the whole wide world is to link to the site. Of course, telling all your friends and colleagues doesn't hurt either, but I have a particular fondness for links...

What's coming next?
You tell me. No, seriously! If you have an idea of a new feature to be added to any of the existing tools, or you can think of a new tool altogether, by all means send a message! Please be as detailed as possible when describing what your idea is and don't worry whether or not it's possible to do - I'll worry about that! :)