24x7x365 DevSecOps Support

Award-winning team of cloud-certified ecommerce experts

A Support Team Unlike any Other

Staffed by multi-cloud-certified, ecommerce experts that have migrated, and continue to manage thousands of online storefronts for Fortune 1000 companies across twelve countries, Webscale s support team is unrivaled.

  • Unique approach routing all critical tickets, to our top Site Reliability Engineers first and escalated down based on severity
  • Industry-leading, 15 minute critical response time SLAs, and DevSecOps workflows


Experts in Any Cloud, Any Platform

Unlike many traditional hosting providers, Webscale s cloud delivery team has formidable expertise across a wide range of ecommerce platforms.

  • Experienced in challenges associated with Adobe/Magento, WooCommerce / WordPress, SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, HCL Commerce, Shopware, Shopify, Oracle Commerce, Drupal, and other custom applications
  • Certified in complicated, multi-cloud, hyperscale environments, including AWS,
    GCP, Azure, and more


Cloud Migrations, Automated Deployments and Ongoing Management

As soon as your contract is signed, you are in the hands of our expert onboarding and provisioning team who use leading configuration management tools to represent your complete application as a software defined infrastructure.

  • Highly-defined, DevOps workflows to accelerate cloud deployments from weeks to minutes
  • Automated application monitoring and control, for highly available, secure, lightning fast web applications


A Smarter Platform for Faster Resolution

Webscale support is proactive, in that our 24x7x365 team is constantly monitoring our customers web applications for any issues and resolving many before the customer is even aware. Extensive automation ensures that more than 90% of tickets are system-generated and system-resolved without human intervention.

  • Machine learning performed at scale across entire customer base ensures any network-wide issues or security risks are quickly identified and mitigated
  • The Webscale Control Plane converts responses from people time to system/ program time, for faster and more consistent tackling of system level issues, especially security incidents
  • Machine learning models to improve issue recognition for enhanced automation


Triangle of Support

If a customer has an issue, it’s all hands on deck, and we don’t point fingers. We work with you, and your developer, whether they’re in-house or external, to perform root-cause analysis on any production issues that could be impacting the availability, security or performance of your storefront, and resolve it as fast as possible.

“With Webscale’s auto-scaling platform, uptime has never been a concern. And with their DevSecOps support, we have a cloud delivery partner who has our back.”

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