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DevOps Release Notes

Release 2019-01-31

  • Fixed a bug in acs-scavenger causing it to exit early in some cases
  • acs-scavenger now will no longer reap servers in monitored_lgips
  • acs monitored_lgips command shows all ips being monitored for inclusion in the IP database
  • acs servers command shows all cluster servers configured to for code sync
  • bug in atomic deployments scripts causing multiple references to the same cluster to crash the run
  • webscale-cli-config now provided in webscale-api-clis package, providing a way to set up your webscale api authentication token
  • Update API url from to

Release 2018-10-02

  • Fixed a bug causing stateless-app to fail to restart on systems with only 1 app server in lgips.conf
  • Clean up log files and archive backed up config files
  • Deal with case where ‘old’ log directories do not exist, do not try to clean them up
  • Clarify alert messaging in the case that disk snapshot processes fail to complete successfully
  • Add new regression tests to cover cases from prior bugs
  • framework for building, testing, deploying go
  • Stateless-app restart (or stop) when there is only 1 ip in lgips.conf will no longer throw the error ‘nothing to watch!’

Production Hotfix 2018-09-21

Database dump script:

  • Fixed an issue with causing logging to fail
  • Fixed an issue causing /tmp to be chowned
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the dump to fail if logging failed
  • Improved monitoring

Release 2018-09-19

  • Webscale API Library code now allows responses in non-json formats
  • Implemented better monitoring for old database backups
  • Package upgrades: Old log files and configuration backups are now archived for multiple packages upon upgrade
  • Fixed a bug where invalid usernames in /etc/hosts stopped package upgrades

Hotfix 2018-09-13

webscale-cli deploy permissions

  • Fixed a bug where some systems which had symlinks caused an issue with permissions with the files on the other side of the link.

Release 2018-08-14

webscale-cli pagespeed clear

  • For each application ID configured, it clears the pagespeed cache for that application. Ask support for details
  • Note: This replaces any old method to clear pagespeed cache with webscale-cli
  • The old methods will be available for a while longer before being removed but will be deprecated within a month

webscale-cli deploy permissions

  • Now chmods and chowns symlinks additionally


  • Bugfix related to logrotate. Some systems had issues rotating logs, and it should now be resolved.

Event titles have corrupted text in them

  • Fixed a bug causing events in the webscale event stream to have garbled html in the title
  • This was caused by unexpected missing tags on google instances – the tags may need to be fixed still, but the events will have clean titles now