Webscale is the E-Commerce Cloud company. We are the only multi-cloud solution that enables e-commerce businesses to rapidly migrate their storefronts to the cloud, enabling 100% uptime at peak demand. The E-Commerce Cloud platform delivers enhanced visibility and control over web applications, as well as improved security, performance and user experience, designed to help e-commerce businesses focus on building their brands, not managing their infrastructure. The world’s leading experts in cloud technology and e-commerce platforms, Webscale keeps users loyal and engaged by delivering a fast, reliable and secure web presence. Webscale has offices in Silicon Valley, CA, Boulder, CO and Bangalore, India.

The Webscale Story

In 2008, James (Jay) Smith, our Founder and CTO, wrote a graduate school paper on decentralized resource management. The paper looked at how the cloud could be leveraged to use predictive algorithms to scale out data plane assets as opposed to scaling up, giving e-commerce businesses a right-sized infrastructure when they needed it during peak sales and sudden traffic. With cloud computing clearly headed into the mainstream in 2012, the time was right to turn that paper into a business. Soon, the first prototype was built, it was able to handle failures seamlessly and coordinate distributed resources without thrashing.

The team started hammering out a business plan and seeking seed funding. After a whirlwind tour to meet investors across the US, they secured their first funds and, in 2013, Webscale was born. In 2015, Sonal Puri came on board as CEO to partner with Jay and lead the company into its next phase of growth. The company relocated its headquarters to Silicon Valley, with offices in Boulder and in Bangalore, and is continuing on its mission as the E-commerce Cloud Company that provides 100% uptime, infinite scalability, high performance, security and control in a single, powerful platform.

The Team

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