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Founded in 1997, Enviro Safety Products, an authorized distributor for 3M, sells over 20,000 safety products, across 250+ brands, including work gloves, protective clothing, safety glasses, hearing protection, respiratory protection, fall protection, gas detection, and facility safety tools and equipment.


Industrial Products



The hosting company Enviro Safety Products was working with for 8 years – Alpha Hosting – was acquired by Liquid Web and merchants were informed that they needed to migrate. After 3 weeks of frustrating back and forth, including periods of downtime, Liquid Web informed Enviro Safety Products that they could not support Magento customers and suggested moving to Nexcess, another Liquid Web brand.

Enviro Safety Products already had another low traffic site hosted with Nexcess, and had major concerns moving their flagship site, with 40,000 SKUs and 3-5 images per product, to the legacy provider.

#1 Challenge

Timely migration and expert technical support

Switched from

Alpha Hosting (Liquid Web)


Webscale’s onboarding team worked closely with the in-house development team of Enviro Safety Products to move their live and admin sites to the Webscale environment, and went live on February 26.

“The maturity of Webscale’s technology, team, and processes is impossible to imagine till you experience it. We saw all of that and more come alive in just 6 business days when you migrated us off Alpha Hosting. You would’ve thought they all worked in the same office for the same company – it was a total ‘one mission’ mindset.” – Chris McCarty, President, Enviro Safety Products.

Enviro Safety Products has deployed Webscale Standard with fully managed cloud hosting on AWS. They have also subscribed to Webscale CloudEDGE CDN that will eventually replace Cloudflare by March 31.

Webscale provides Enviro Safety Products with:

  • Stable, secure, and scalable cloud delivery infrastructure, with sophisticated cloud automation capabilities including unlimited, real-time, and predictive auto-scaling, capable of forecasting traffic surges and scaling ahead of demand automatically, always ensuring uptime and fast page loads.
  • Faster page loads by serving requests from globally distributed edge nodes with intelligent caching. A one-stop, automated image optimization and management solution, ensuring online shoppers receive the right image for their specific device, every time, and always from the cache closest to the end-user.

“Your team’s Magento and cloud expertise is WOW! For example, when we had upgraded our Magento platform last year, we had missed their image library architecture had changed but your onboarding folks found out, and now we are working on it to further enhance our mobile user experience. We cannot imagine something like this with our previous hosting provider. The Webscale Portal offers real-time intelligence for proactive decision-making, again something I could not have done earlier. I feel much more empowered now.” 

Jen Doble
Director of Marketing
Enviro Safety Products



World’s Fastest Migration

Webscale’s automation-powered and highly-defined DevOps workflows ensured Enviro Safety Products’ Magento storefront was migrated with zero downtime in just 6 business days!


Page Loads

Since going live with Webscale, Enviro Safety Products’ site has reported a remarkable increase in engagement and conversion.

  • Page load time decreased 70%
  • Bounce rate decreased 15%
  • Site crawlability increased 5%
  • Pages/session increased 3.5%
  • Pageviews increased 15%
  • Conversions increased 19.42%
  • Revenue per user increased 14.3%


Control and Better Visibility

The Webscale Portal, Web Controls, and Traffic Viewer offer Enviro Safety Products unmatched visibility into delivery infrastructure, traffic, scaling events, malicious activities, and more along with absolute control over policy and security – something they could never have with Alpha Hosting.

24 X 7 X 365


Webscale’s proactive DevSecOps support team offers Enviro Safety Products absolute peace of mind during issues, with unmatched AWS and Magento expertise.

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