• “One of the reasons we went with Webscale was for the support. It’s like having a couple extra team members. I can go on vacation and not have to worry about answering my phone at 2:00 in the morning.”

    Skate One

  • “Since deploying Webscale, I have visibility into my entire environment. Secondly, when we do a flash sale or some big promotion, I’m not worried about the site going down at all.”


  • “Webscale was instrumental in helping us get through the 2017 holiday season. We see much faster site performance and much less downtime on Webscale than we did on managed hosting.”

    Dolls Kill

  • “We carry 3-5 Million SKUs. In a recent promotion, we processed 100-200 checkouts per minute, thanks to Webscale.”


  • “Webscale allows us to failover from one cloud to another within 60 minutes, vs half a day or more in the past.”

    Event Network

  • “Webscale was a good move for us because of the capabilities they brought to the table to scale in and scale out based on demand.”

    OnCourse Learning

  • “With Webscale, we didn’t see any slow down on the site, and we met every customer demand during the largest sale in Kuru’s history.”

    Kuru Footwear

  • “We were watching our traffic rise. I emailed Webscale, and got a response in minutes. Our traffic tripled that day, our biggest day ever.”

    Trumpet & Horn

  • “In a recent promotion we hit ten checkouts per second, selling out in minutes, all while maintaining site performance and response time.”


Z Natural Foods

The Webscale team has been great. They are quick to reply to questions and technical issues. And they make you feel like you have a whole team of engineers working for you. I highly recommend Webscale to anyone that is looking to take their site and business to the next level.

VP Technology,

We have 3 to 5 Million SKUs in our catalogue, across thousands of categories, and we manage 10-15 different storefronts for our Fortune 500 customers. In a recent promotion, we were processing 100-200 checkouts per minute, with close to 100,000 checkouts that day, thanks to Webscale

Director of Engineering,
Little Passports

This holiday season we saw a 15x increase in requests per minute over a 10-minute period. The system scaled up to meet demand immediately and, most importantly, our checkout funnel kept operating at peak efficiency. The Webscale team have created a great product. and keep our environment operational through our most critical times of the year.


Webscale technology delivers measurable benefits on things you care about and so do we – SEO, organic search rankings, conversion rates, bounce rates, revenue, user experience and customer satisfaction. Webscale has improved our add-to-cart speed from 3.5 sec to 1.9 sec and our conversion rate is up 17% already. As CMO, I am totally thrilled!

Director of E-Commerce Operations,
Event Network

The Webscale solution allows us to failover from one cloud to another within 60 minutes, whereas in the past we could be down for half a day or more in the event of a cloud provider outage

Director of IT,
ThinkGeek Solutions (GameStop)

In a recent large promotion we hit a new peak checkout rate of ten per second, selling out in minutes, while maintaining site performance and checkout response time. With Webscale we no longer have to worry about scaling to tackle these spikes.

Ecommerce Manager,
Trumpet & Horn

During a surge, we were watching our traffic rise, and our immediate reaction was that the site was going to go down. I emailed Webscale, and got a response in minutes to say our secondary servers had already kicked in, and others would be added if our traffic continued to increase. Our traffic tripled that day, our biggest day ever.

Manager, Web Application,

Website has been very stable in general and the good frontend optimization.

Director of IT,
Fresh Produce

We’ve been extremely impressed at how smoothly the Webscale team has managed our move to the cloud, and the impact of their work has been felt across the entire company.

Bad Kitty

After implementing Webscale, our website speed was immediately 400 times faster, with page load times reduced from 9 seconds to 1.2 seconds.

VP of IT,

Webscale is doing a tremendous job when it comes to managing and maintaining our web servers & security. With Webscale we have forgotten that there is something called servers that are needed to host our site. Keep up the good work!

Systems Administrator,
Rocky Mountain Oils

Webscale has cut our monthly costs to 1/5th what they were. Their support is fast and efficient. We couldn't be happier with the service Webscale provides.

Director of Ecommerce,
AMI Clubwear

You have taken my listing bill from 20K a months to 10K and made my site faster in the process. If we survive Black Friday with no issues we will be a customer for life.

Director of IT,

Deploying with Webscale is very easy. It’s reliable, it’s quick, and it’s not invasive to our system. It doesn’t require any third-party scripts or environment management systems on my end. I have to emphasize that that is really remarkable. Between the time and headache savings it affords me, and the stability and speediness it brings to the site, I’m willing to bet that Webscale is actually paying for itself at least a couple of times over.


Migrating to cloud hosting via Webscale is one of the best decisions of 2016. It was a painless transition and our website is now consistently fast and reliable. When problems arise, they are brief and with the help of Webscale support, resolved with transparency. Results with no drama.

E-Commerce Manager,
US Water Systems

Webscale relieves the weight of concern for our server management.

VP of eCommerce,
Mobile Defenders

Webscale has been very accommodating to our business and has already proven to be a valuable partner by further expanding our online infrastructure. At the end of the day I need to be concerned with what my team can do to better serve our customers instead of worrying about database stability or website latency. Webscale has afforded us that confidence and peace of mind.

Web Development Manager,
Dream Products

Webscale always tries to accommodate our idiosyncratic business needs with practical solutions and is a true ally.

E-Commerce Manager,
SkateOne Corp

I am no longer tied to my email or phone when on vacation. I can relax now!

Senior Director of Digital Commerce,
Event Network

We manage more than 80 online stores for our customers and had DDoS attacks coming every other hour – it became a very painful process during the holidays to keep the sites up. All the issues we had with our prior provider have been fixed with Webscale. As a team, we now brag internally about our performance!”

Systems Integration Manager,
Nature Hills

Webscale is great to work with. They are professional, their services work well, and they are attentive to the needs of their clients. I was most satisfied with the quick turn around and resolution to our last experience.


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