Uptime Challenges

If you’re experiencing downtime at peak demand, you’re losing money from sales, and from incorrectly-sized infrastructure

Traditionally, e-commerce storefronts were deployed in private data centers and managed by hosting providers. They employed fixed-size hardware-based infrastructure, which worked well for delivering static, non-personalized content to a predictable, consistent user base.

This approach to managing your infrastructure is no longer efficient or reliable. The architecture is inflexible and prone to outages and downtime that can mean critical losses in revenue.

Your sales are anything but predictable, and relying on infrastructure that isn’t ready to deliver uptime at peak demand is bad business.

The Right-Sizing Challenge

Hosting providers typically deploy architecture for an e-commerce application, based on a sample of expected traffic. But successful e-commerce businesses see huge variations in these traffic patterns, particularly around events like Black Friday, making any kind of fixed capacity either insufficient or excessive.

Excess capacity means you’re paying more for the inability of the vendor to flexibly manage your needs. When the capacity is not enough, usually in response to a marketing promotion or a viral event, this is met with a slowdown in performance, typically followed by a complete outage as the provider cannot auto-scale to meet demand.

These are your most valuable hours, and you could be turning traffic away before they even browse an item, or worse still, their carts could be crashing during check out.

Inflexibility also means Expensive

Ask yourself – the expensive dedicated solution with long term contracts that you signed up for – is it “needed” at all times by your business or is it to cover hosting provider’s capital expenses?

Most traditional hosting providers deploy e-commerce businesses on a legacy, static hardware-based dedicated infrastructure, purchased from other vendors as long-term contracts, with refresh cycles of 7-8 years. This means large capital investments by these hosting providers that must be passed along to you.



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