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The Big M1 End of Life Webinar

Tuesday, June 30 | 11:00 am PT / 1:00 pm CT / 2:00 pm ET


Brent Peterson
Co-Founder of Wagento
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Jay Smith
Founder & CTO of Webscale
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The time is now! June 30th is imminent and we shall soon have to bid a fond farewell to Magento 1.

But all is not lost.

If you are still on M1, you’re not alone, and we know merchants still have a lot of questions, most notably around security patches and PCI compliance.

Join Webscale, and Wagento for the ultimate end of life webinar, where no one will be left behind, and no question will be left unanswered.

Among other things, this webinar will explore:

  • The risks involved with staying on M1 from a PCI standpoint.
  • What Visa and PayPal said and what it means for M1 merchants.
  • What M1 merchants need to do to remain PCI compliant.
  • What options there are out there for staying updated moving forward.
  • How 3rd party payment providers fit into compliance.

And lots more.

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Brent Peterson
Co-Founder, Wagento

Brent is the Chief Magento Evangelist and Agency Coach at Wagento. He is a Certified Magento Specialist and a Magento Master. Brent has been involved in the Magento community and Magento forums since early 2009. He loves to run, bike, and ski, in that order. He is often found at Magento events organizing running meetups with his wife, Susan.

Jay Smith
Founder and CTO of Webscale

Jay Smith founded Webscale in 2012 and currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer of the Company. He has co-authored over 30 peer reviewed articles in the area of parallel and distributed computing systems.

In addition to his academic publications, while at IBM, Jay received over 20 patents and numerous corporate awards for the quality of those patents. Jay left IBM as a Master Inventor in 2008 to focus on High Performance Computing at DigitalGlobe. There, Jay pioneered the application of GPGPU processing within DigitalGlobe. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Colorado State University in 2008.

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