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Webscale M1 Support

Partnering with M2E Pro to protect Magento 1 Applications from vulnerabilities, and maintain PCI compliance

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Webscale and M2E Pro are working together to support merchants on M1

  • Moving from M1 to M2 is not a simple upgrade. It’s a re-platform that requires extensive development work and, in many cases, a complete site design.
  • M2E Pro’s customers trust them to deliver their new M2 sites, and M2E Pro trusts Webscale to securely manage their customers’ M1 sites until they are ready to make the transition.


Flexible Schedule

Webscale M1 Support allows merchants to continue to safely use the platform and upgrade to M2 on their schedule, not Adobe’s timelines. With Webscale M1 Support, merchants will have the flexibility of staying on M1 for the foreseeable future, and moving to M2 at any time.

Reduced TCO

With Webscale M1 Support, ecommerce business owners are not forced to incur tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in site redesign and re-platforming costs. Webscale M1 Support ensures it’s business as usual for merchants even after M1 EOL, through security patches.

Managed Security

With a programmable WAF, access control, Content Security Policy protection, and automated detection of threats, sites are constantly monitored. Proactively identify, monitor and protect against exploits through malware insertion, or bad traffic trying to access the application.

Faster, Always-on Applications

Apps enabled by Webscale M1 Support have a multi-cloud elastic data plane, auto-scaling capabilities, and a highly available (HA) data tier architecture. M1 support ensures zero application downtime, and accelerates website performance with caching at different layers.

Features and Functionality

Programmable WAF

Webscale’s application-aware programmable web application firewall (WAF) enables merchants to protect their online stores from known vulnerabilities, such as the OWASP Top 10, as well as easily add unlimited rules called “Web Controls” to protect against new threats.

Content Security Policy

Content Security Policy (CSP) is an HTTP security standard designed to protect client interaction with websites against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. It increases the trust between the browser and application by allowing the application to specify which domains can be trusted. The ‘script-src’ tag specifies which trusted domains the browser can execute scripts from. Webscale M1 Support enables real-time monitoring, reporting of trusted domains, and alerting of violations by non-trusted domains executing scripts or other suspect behavior.

Intrusion Detection

Sophisticated cyber-attacks involve placing malicious code in the application infrastructure, and executing it through browser calls. With automated intrusion detection, Webscale can immediately discover unauthorized file changes, quarantine the servers affected, and monitor and block any bad actors trying to access the scripts.

Blacklisting / Whitelisting

These features allow merchants to block known bad actors permanently, or even entire geographical regions (geo-blocking) that merchants are not serving, while building a trusted model that only allows authorized personnel to access the most secure parts of the application.

Ongoing Security Patches

While Magento will stop providing security updates, Webscale is working with other experts to continue to provide patches, at a faster rate than what has been traditionally available from Magento themselves. In addition, Webscale will also implement its Web Controls to ensure the site is not vulnerable while these patches are being developed.

PCI Compliance Support

Webscale M1 Support enables ecommerce merchants to easily achieve and maintain PCI compliance during their annual security audits. Capabilities include longer retention (up to a year) of critical log data from different parts of the application infrastructure, access and integrated views of log data through the Webscale portal, and audit trails of all changes made to the application and its configurations.

Developer Support

Webscale is working with hundreds of digital agencies and developers worldwide to help manage M1 environments and ensure the rapid deployment of patches, as they are developed.

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