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Webscale Partners with Kensium

Partner Overview

Kensium is a full-service ecommerce solutions provider specializing in designing, developing, and integrating Adobe Commerce (Magento) and BigCommerce websites. They use the latest insights to tailor web stores for increased conversion rates and the likelihood of repeat customers. Also on offer are implementation, integration, and customization services for Acumatica ERP and Acumatica Commerce Edition, a complete ecommerce package for merchants looking to integrate Acumatica to Adobe Commerce (Magento) or BigCommerce.
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Joint Value Proposition

Webscale + Kensium

Joint Kensium and Webscale customers benefit from not having to worry about their infrastructure, its availability, security or performance. They can focus all their energies on the core ecommerce business like inventory management, product launches, sales promotions, loyalty programs and the like. Webscale’s fully managed cloud platform and innovative suite of products address the current and future needs of merchants whatever their ecommerce platform, cloud provider or toolchain. Powered by a 24x7x365 DevSecOps support team of certified cloud and ecommerce experts.


The Dangers of DIY Cloud



“Webscale has been an excellent partner to work with when our customers require complete flexibility with their ecommerce deployments, including state-of-the-art automation and dev/ops to support the deployment and management of multiple commerce platforms and applications across a suite of multi-cloud options. Working lock-step with Kensium’s development and delivery teams, the Webscale team has consistently provided clear, expert guidance to successfully configure, deploy, and manage some of our most complex, high-growth ecommerce customers.”

Ted Stenstrom, Vice President, Client Engagement, Kensium

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