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Webscale Partners with Liventus

Partner Overview

Liventus has a deep understanding of technical aspects essential to building software solutions that achieve ideal performance, security and overall quality. For over a decade the company has been building ecommerce strategies and helping existing online stores realize their full potential using primarily the Magento platform. With extensive experience securing and protecting their clients’ ecommerce sites, Liventus knows how to keep sensitive data safe. They ensure payment processing is PCI compliant and that customers’ personally identifiable information (PIN) is fully protected. And since ecommerce is not just for consumers but for businesses too, Liventus provides high-tech digital tools to streamline the B2B ordering experience. For more information, please visit

Webinar: Tips For Keeping Your Website Fast and Functioning

Webscale + Liventus

Joint Liventus and Webscale customers will benefit from a fully-managed cloud delivery platform, offering predictive auto-scaling and disaster recovery for highly available infrastructure, flexible cloud deployment options in any public cloud provider around the globe, and comprehensive 360-degree security for protection against the latest cyber threats. In addition, all customers will work with Webscale’s award-winning 24×7 team of DevSecOps cloud-certified experts, as well as have access to the Webscale Customer Portal which offers unmatched visibility and insights into traffic, events, security policies, user experience, and more.

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“Webscale is Liventus' first choice when we're recommending Magento hosting solutions to our clients. They offer best in class security services and support and their web tools give us all of the control and visibility we need to successfully monitor and manage our clients’ sites.”

Tim Dolloff- EVP of Client Engagement, Liventus

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