Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your team knows how to write great code, but your customers are dissatisfied with their managed hosting infrastructure provider due to lack of e-commerce expertise, security, support, and automation; not to mention the high complexity and costs that come with a static hosting environment.
  • Your customers want to migrate to a public cloud service, but lack the expertise to make it successful.
  • Your customers and prospects are suffering from downtime, (especially during promotional events or Holiday Season), security breaches, or slow performance.

Webscale can delight your customers/prospects, and create new revenue streams for you, by:

  • Offering expertise in cloud migration, hosting, and management of applications in any cloud
  • Making cloud migration seamless and easy while ensuring 100% uptime, scalability, enterprise-grade security, and high performance
  • Enabling customers to handle unpredictable, massive traffic spikes (especially during marketing promotions and peak sale events) without any downtime
  • Offering complete visibility and control over their infrastructure through an intuitive portal
  • Creating a triangle of support – with the customer at the tip, you at one corner, and Webscale at the other – working together to quickly resolve issues.

Webscale can also seamlessly integrate with your DevOps and CI/CD processes, making your job easier.


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