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Webscale Delivers Faster Websites With HTTP/2

Speedier websites, enhanced SEO rankings and higher efficiency with latest upgrade to platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Feb 1, 2017 – Webscale Networks, the leader in multi-cloud web application delivery and control, has announced the availability of HTTP/2 for all its customers. Delivering up to 40% increase in website and web application performance, the HTTP/2 protocol also enables significant improvements in resource consumption and security.

Designed to improve efficiency, security and speed, and with leading browser support, HTTP/2 delivers enormous benefits to every website and web application without making any changes to the application or its infrastructure.

Some of the most notable improvements of HTTP/2 over HTTP/1.1 are multiplexing, header compression and security. Multiplexing enables multiple requests to be handled rapidly on the same connection, eliminating the need for multiple connections or waiting for previous connections to complete, significantly reducing latency and boosting performance. Page load times are further improved with HTTP/2 header compression, that reduces the overhead of sending fixed size HTTP headers multiple times, by enabling servers to only send updates. Finally, HTTP/2 adoption by leading browsers has effectively mandated TLS (the underlying security technology of HTTPS), ensuring better protection of customer data and consequently improving SEO rankings.

“Webscale believes that our success is directly related to the success of our customers. We want them to have the highest return on their Webscale investment while they focus on growing their business. While bringing them higher performance, better SEO rankings and an improved security posture for their websites is our responsibility, their infrastructure must always be available and right-sized as well,” said Sonal Puri, CEO, Webscale. “We’re excited to improve global web performance and security with the roll-out of HTTP/2.”

Webscale’s converged application delivery platform, built for cloud-hosted web applications, disrupts traditional application delivery controllers (ADCs) and provides a tightly integrated alternative to similar solutions from managed service providers, managed cloud providers, content delivery networks (CDNs), web application firewalls (WAF), load balancers, cloud auto scalers, and disaster recovery providers.

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