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Webscale Disrupts Traditional Application Delivery Controllers, with Cloud Service Allowing Proactive, Infinite Scaling of Web-Scale Application Servers

Software-Based, Cloud Architected CloudMaestro™ Scales Out or In, Outclassing All Competitors by Accelerating and Securing Cloud-hosted High-Demand Applications Ahead of User Demand; Lifts Webscale Into the $165 Billion Cloud Market

MENLO PARK, CA – October 1, 2015 – Webscale, the creators of CloudMaestro, the cloud-based application delivery controller (ADC), today announced a major new version of its service, which extends its lead over competitive offerings in its ability to scale out or in synchronously ahead of demand, and with little to no impact on operating expenditures. As an ADC architected for the cloud, CloudMaestro can commission or decommission instances rapidly to serve new applications or sudden changes in user demand for an application – a stark contrast to legacy hardware-based ADCs that require weeks to months of network re-architecting in order to scale out, and software or virtual ADCs that still require extensive management but don’t align to the ROI of the cloud.

The new industry-first capabilities of Webscale establish CloudMaestro as the only ADC that is truly user and app-centric. Unique in its ability to bring auto-scaling to both the web and application layers, CloudMaestro is able to meet the sudden and often unpredictable spikes in demand for bandwidth and availability characteristic of e-commerce and other high-demand web-scale environments hosted in the cloud, across multiple cloud providers or hybrid clouds. CloudMaestro is also designed to be truly cloud-agnostic and supports the customers desire to avoid vendor lock-in across cloud service providers worldwide.

Webscale addresses the market need for transformative technology that can meet user demands for network and web performance and scalability but with the cloud in mind. Traditional ADCs are designed to provide load balancing, optimization, and security for all applications in the datacenter, but are not designed to respond to deeper seated web-scale network realities when hosted in the cloud.

“It’s a reality of e-commerce that demands on the corporate website are unpredictable,” said Rodney Sohngen Executive Vice President, “Although we employ traffic models and historical data to anticipate peaks and deliver greater availability, CloudMaestro has become a critical piece of our e-commerce infrastructure. It is the only technology we have seen that helps us maximize customer retention on our online store by proactively scaling with demand. Moving beyond traditional application distribution controllers, Webscale’ technology, as part of our cloud stack, has helped us to compete with larger retail enterprises.”

E-commerce companies leveraging the cloud for hosting but using either traditional application delivery models built around hardware-based or virtual ADCs, or settling for basic load balancing and scaling features through the cloud provider product set, lack the ability to ensure not only high performance, security and availability, but also the infinite scalability that is the hallmark of the cloud-based ADC. Webscale’s radical, SDN-based approach, in which the control and data planes perform independently, marks a departure from legacy models and places it within the $165 billion cloud product and service market, approximately 6.5 times larger than the $25 billion datacenter market served by competitors.

“The cloud is bringing tremendous disruption to the legacy ADC market, and Webscale has rapidly proven itself as the leader in this fast-emerging market,” said Jim Smith, General Partner at Mohr Davidow. “The outdated approach of employing appliances to enable application delivery, basic load balancing, and application scaling burdens customers with steep and unpredictable costs. Furthermore, these solutions don’t provide the consistency in consumer experience that enterprises need to protect their brands and capture revenue. We are excited about the company’s relentless focus on driving revenue for its customers and the fact that it has an executive team and development organization that has a history of doing so. We believe the cloud ADC market is poised to explode – the revenue growth and cost efficiency that cloud ADCs drive for customers are too compelling to ignore.”

“With over 30 paying customers in full production, CloudMaestro has proven invaluable to ecommerce companies with its ability to scale, secure and optimize any web-based workload hosted in the cloud,” said Sonal Puri, CEO of Webscale. “Our strong R&D, combined with the exceptional experience and innovation of our engineering and design teams, has resulted in a service that can increase the customer responsiveness of e-commerce or any web-scale customer literally overnight. No competitor saddled by legacy architectures can make that claim.”

Puri added that legacy models, hampered by lengthy deployment, re-architecting and testing challenges, fundamentally fail to deliver the strong ROI that Webscale achieves in enabling customers to reduce both capex and opex, while simultaneously maximizing revenue capture.

CloudMaestro Performance Documented on eBay Magento ecommerce Platform
In a recent, documented performance test utilizing the Magento open-source performance toolkit, Webscale confirmed that CloudMaestro improves website performance response times, using a small, medium and large-scale store as the testing template. The results showed that, in all testing scenarios, the stores experienced lower page-load times, and faster and more consistent checkouts, while eliminating timeouts when using CloudMaestro. For instance, an average page-load time on an ecommerce site was 5.1 seconds for a large store, reaching the point where user checkouts began to time-out before completion. In the same test, CloudMaestro showed average page load times of 0.61 seconds, the crucial difference between a frustrated site visitor and a satisfied one. The test confirmed that Webscale could help ecommerce merchants using the Magento ecommerce platform reduce the customer churn problem endemic to ecommerce.

The CloudMaestro service is available from Webscale. Every customer always receives the latest software stack we deploy on our service. There are no licenses or hidden costs. There is no “end of life.” There is no hardware refresh. To learn more, visit

About Webscale
CloudMaestro by Webscale is an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and management solution built for maximizing performance and availability, while optimizing costs, across all cloud providers. With CloudMaestro, you can proactively, and infinitely, scale your infrastructure out and in, achieve blazing fast performance for all your users, secure your web presence and orchestrate across single or multiple cloud providers. Because CloudMaestro is built with true cloud characteristics for your web service using technology designed through more than a decade’s research in high-performance parallel and distributed computing, it’s never been easier to deploy, simpler to manage, and as affordable to work with cloud infrastructure for companies of all sizes. Founded in 2012, Webscale is privately held and headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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