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Webscale Enterprise Cloud Secure Provides Powerful Protection at the Origin, Replacing Premium CDNs


Market-Leading Features Deliver Greater Security and Insight While Removing the Need to Manage Expensive Security Solutions at the Edge.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – JUNE 27, 2018Webscale, the E-Commerce Cloud Company, today announced the launch of Enterprise Cloud Secure, the industry’s first security solution to offer 360-degree protection for web application infrastructure.  Enterprise Cloud Secure offloads and protects the origin, or application infrastructure, from the threat of cyber-attacks, removing the need to invest in expensive solutions that only deliver security at the “edge”, such as premium content delivery networks (CDNs) or web application firewalls (WAFs).

Over the last two decades, networking and technology have advanced significantly. The traditional focus on the edge, where content is moved closer to the consumer using technology like CDNs, is now an incomplete approach to achieving a secure, high-performance application infrastructure. Intelligent software can now be used to control web applications at their origin, secure them, improve performance and manage costs while still making the experience safe and fast for the consumer by using on-demand cloud infrastructure.

Protecting customers and their personal data is a priority for any e-commerce business. The number of recorded data breaches increased by 53.6 percent in 2016, as compared to 2015, yet with 38 percent of those breaches targeted at e-commerce websites, and three out of every five attacks aimed at the mid-market, it is clear that the pressure on this segment is unrivaled.

Enterprise Cloud Secure was born to address these demands through its automated deployment in close proximity to the application infrastructure, giving it deep insight into web traffic patterns and application events. While traditional hardware and cloud security solutions target traffic-based attacks, Webscale enables complete protection for web applications, not just from traffic accessing the application, but also from known and unknown exploits targeting the backend file systems and databases.

“With sophisticated cyber-attacks frequently entering directly into backend application infrastructure, the billion dollar question is why continue to invest in expensive CDNs or WAFs, deployed at the edge when your origin and customer data are still exposed?” said Sonal Puri, CEO, Webscale. “E-commerce businesses are managing a great deal of private information, and data breaches can be catastrophic to their brand and reputation. A true end to end security solution, combining an origin and edge strategy, is critical, along with more real-time control over traffic and infrastructure. It is here where Enterprise Cloud Secure delivers.”

Enterprise Cloud Secure builds on the foundation of Webscale’s security platform that includes: compliance to the latest PCI standards and TLS security protocols, a powerful WAF with application-specific rule-sets to defend against known targeted threats, and access control mechanisms that allow administrators to easily block (allow or redirect) requests based on specific criteria.

New features in Enterprise Cloud Secure include:

  • Webscale App Shield addresses the security threat posed by attackers who know the IPs of publicly addressable application servers, enabling them to bypass WAFs and other edge security measures. App Shield ensures that only traffic coming from Webscale is accepted, rejecting all other requests and enhancing end-end security for data traffic and the application backend.
  • Bot IP Shield, powered by Webroot’s BrightCloud® IP Reputation Service, addresses the immense challenge of identifying attacks when the perpetrators are using different techniques to hide their identities and activities. Webscale Bot IP Shield disables, in real-time, inbound communications from IPs known to be malicious, keeping customer infrastructure secure.
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) gets alerted to any changes in the application or data servers. This is a critical requirement to handle attacks, such as zero-day exploits, that start with the insertion of an executable file in the backend infrastructure. Once alerted, Webscale can take many actions including adding any traffic requesting the file to a block list, or quarantining suspect servers and replacing them.
  • Web Controls are the ultimate do-it-yourself custom policy engine that makes it easy to configure complex security protocols in an easy to use interface.
  • Shield Mode offers single-click protection when under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. By instantly forcing a challenge that only humans can validate, bots are immediately turned away, even if they are coming from multiple sources with no easily identifiable patterns.

Enterprise Cloud Secure is backed up by a 24×7 SecOps team, who constantly monitor security feeds and address any known web application vulnerabilities through the use of predefined or custom Web Controls, ensuring file integrity and by applying virtual patches as soon as they are identified. These patches are automatically deployed across all Webscale managed applications simultaneously, ensuring all of its customers are up to date with the latest security measures.

Enterprise Cloud Secure is a stand-alone security solution and is also available with Webscale Pro and Webscale Enterprise plans. For more information on Webscale’s E-Commerce Cloud Platform products and our security solutions, please visit

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