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Webscale Furthers Disruption of Traditional Application Delivery, With Launch of First A-La-Carte Cloud-Native Application Delivery Controller

Innovative Multi-Cloud Global Service Responds to Applications with Scale-Out ADC Capabilities

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – May 31, 2017Webscale, the leader in multi-cloud web application control, today announced an “a la carte” Cloud ADC (application delivery controller) that enables its customers’ web applications with access to essential, real-time capabilities that deliver seamless application performance, availability, and security. The Webscale Cloud ADC requires no changes to be made to existing application infrastructure; simply deploy in minutes and at a much lower cost. Where existing ADC solutions lack flexibility with disproportionate capabilities and higher costs, Webscale has tailored its technology platform to a broader market with diverse needs and budgets.

“In our core markets of e-commerce, e-learning, and financial services, where application delivery is mission-critical, customers’ needs vary dramatically,” said Sonal Puri, CEO of Webscale. “Even across markets, it’s self-evident that companies need to derive the highest possible ROI from their technology investments because these are massive cost centers and not their core business. What’s more, in industries where disruption of production applications could mean millions of dollars per minute in lost revenues, customers need more than a point solution. They need end-to-end assurance of performance, security, and scalability delivered just in time. That’s the promise of a Webscale partnership.”

“Enterprises that are relying on cloud-based applications and mobile computing should evaluate ADCaaS options to provide needed features to ensure the performance and security of distributed applications,” said Mark Fabbi, VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner in the July 2016 Hype Cycle for Networking and Communications.

The cloud-native ADC model, brought to market by Webscale as an industry first, breaks through the limitations of other application performance architectures. In these other platforms, the optimization layer either sits distant from the application servers themselves in the form of a content delivery network (CDN), or is a monolithic appliance that requires manual management and operation. As a result, they lack precise visibility and control into the application, making availability issues difficult to predict and prevent in a timely way, leading to sub-optimal application performance and eventual failure.

In stark contrast, Webscale is built on software-defined principles across all its services. The intelligent data plane of the Webscale Cloud ADC is deployed across multiple cloud providers globally, is enabled per application, and sits in close proximity to the customer application backend, providing an unprecedented 360-degree view into all the sessions entering and exiting the application. The data plane senses application and session behavior and, combined with the decision engine of the Webscale distributed control plane, makes real-time decisions for performance, infrastructure scaling, and security. Customers can now influence application behavior in real-time as compared to other distributed solutions like CDNs or appliance-based ADCs that sit in data centers and cloud providers making reactive decisions.

The Webscale Cloud ADC delivers the promise of a true Software-as-a-Service through a multi-tenant solution, sharing and instantly applying enhancements on performance and security across Webscale’s entire customer base. This SaaS delivery model keeps data and sessions isolated per customer or, alternatively, enables a dedicated deployment within a customer cloud. Webscale is continuing to drive innovative service enhancements with a machine learning engine, extensive automation, and regular feature updates, all of which significantly reduces setup and maintenance costs.

For Webscale Partners

Webscale Alliance Program members have access to the Cloud ADC and Cloud WAF service for their global customers immediately. For questions on the deployment of these services for specific regional cloud providers please email

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To learn more about the Webscale Cloud ADC or other related services, visit For additional information about Webscale, request a copy of “IDC Innovators: Cloud-Native Application Delivery Controllers, 2017” (Doc # US42127817, March 2017).

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Webscale is a pioneer in cloud application control through integrated performance, availability, security and ease of use for global web application delivery. Delivered as-a-Service, the Webscale platform allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from endless application scalability, load balancing, high performance, outage prevention, improved security and simple management across multiple cloud providers. Webscale is also available as an a-la-carte Cloud ADC and Cloud WAF service. Experts in cloud technology and creating powerful solutions for mid-market e-commerce and enterprise customers, Webscale is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif., with offices in Boulder, CO and Bangalore, India. For more information, please visit