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Webscale Launches Cloud Bot Manager, Powered by Machine Learning


Webscale’s Cloud Bot Manager Addresses Rapidly Growing Threat of Malicious Bots, While Improving Performance and Delivering Higher ROI


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – November 06, 2018Webscale, the E-Commerce Cloud Company, today announced the launch of Cloud Bot Manager, a cloud-native bot management solution focused on e-commerce applications and powered by machine learning. Cloud Bot Manager offers 360-degree protection against the threat of malicious bots capable of hijacking an e-commerce site, stealing sensitive information (like credit card details), or scraping valuable content for the competition.

Key benefits of Cloud Bot Manager:

  • Provides visibility into all bot traffic, enabling the detection and mitigation of bad bots in real-time, and proactive controls
  • Validates human behavior by issuing challenges to bots, minimizing false positives
  • Reduces drain and spend on infrastructure from malicious bot traffic
  • Enables more accurate reporting on website traffic and conversion rates
  • Integrates with all CDNs and clouds, and improves site performance
  • Simple, easy-to-use and with a lower TCO as compared to other bot management solutions

Bots can comprise up to 50% of an e-commerce site’s traffic. Good bots, like Google or Bing search engine bots, crawl the web providing better search indexing and results. Bad bots, however, have malicious intentions. A multi-cloud SaaS solution, Webscale Cloud Bot Manager secures the origin, detecting malicious behavior from bots and blocking them before they harm the e-commerce application.

Conversion rates and other business metrics, such as traffic volumes, can be skewed by accounting for bad bot traffic, leading to misaligned investments, budgets and website design choices. By filtering out bad bots from real human visitors, Cloud Bot Manager enables merchants to gather truly accurate data on clean traffic and genuine users, boosting conversion rates.

While alternative Bot Management solutions are either expensive or require the use of premium CDNs, or both, Webscale Cloud Bot Manager is a simple, easy-to-use, CDN-agnostic solution. It delivers maximum visibility into all bot traffic, real-time identification of bad bots, and proactive controls that prevent any damage to the application.

Webscale identifies bots using a variety of techniques such as IP-based reputation, behavior analysis, anomaly detection, and session profiling through machine learning.

Key capabilities of Cloud Bot Manager include:

  • Instant Attack Detection
    • Anomalous behavior detection
    • IP reputation
    • Machine-learning based session classification
  • Real-time Bot Mitigation
    • Challenge suspect behavior
    • Redirect to alternate backend/site
    • Rate limiting
  • Bot IP Directory
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Centralized management interface
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Application offload and performance optimization
    • Validating trusted bots
    • Caching bot responses for good bots
    • Offload of bot traffic from infrastructure

In addition to the system automatically identifying automated threats, Webscale’s Cloud Bot Manager is backed up by a 24×7 SecOps (Security Operations) team that constantly monitors security feeds and traffic, and distributes security learnings across the customer base. This ensures all customers have access to the latest security updates.

Cloud Bot Manager is available today as a stand-alone security solution and as an add-on to any Webscale Cloud Hosting plan. For more information on Webscale’s security capabilities, visit

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