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Webscale Launches Complete Backend Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution for E-Commerce

New Disaster Recovery Solution Provides Complete Multi-Cloud Resiliency Solution for E-Commerce Application Environments

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – JUNE 02, 2016 – In a move that fortifies the company’s position as the leader in e-commerce and enterprise application control in the cloud, Webscale Networks today announced the launch of its Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) solution. The first of its kind to offer complete backend disaster recovery services across cloud providers and regions, the initial release of the Webscale Multi-Cloud DR solution focuses specifically on the needs of e-commerce customers, enabling them to automatically failover during disaster scenarios to an alternate location with minimum downtime and data loss.

Webscale Multi-Cloud DR extends the feature set of the Webscale Pro and Enterprise products, to offer disaster recovery services in addition to complete application control, predictive auto-scaling, security, and single screen management of application delivery controller (ADC) and web application functions in the cloud. The tight integration of both application delivery and disaster recovery solutions, enables robust protection of the customer’s entire application environment, including the application delivery controllers (ADC), application and data servers.

“Even the biggest cloud providers experience outages, and an hour of downtime can result in disastrous losses for an e-commerce business,” said Sonal Puri, CEO of Webscale. “Our Multi-Cloud DR solution combines everything we know about delivering highly optimized, scalable and secure online storefronts in the cloud, with the capability to keep them live and available during outages, regardless of their cause.”

Webscale Multi-Cloud DR provides two different options for disaster recovery—Webscale Cloud Backup and Webscale Cloud Mirror.

Webscale Cloud Backup enables customers to make a copy of their entire backend—the application and data server—on a periodic basis. For mission critical e-commerce applications that require more frequent backup, Webscale Cloud Mirror allows customers to keep a near real-time replica of their backend in an alternate location, usually recommended to be in another region or cloud.

Webscale Cloud Mirror offers various levels of redundancy based on the customer’s needs for failover time. These levels range from mirrored instances of the data server where only the application layer needs to be restored, to entire replicas of the active system, ready to accept all traffic as soon as failover is completed. Webscale Cloud Mirror also features an always-on global ADC tier, that ensures the ADCs remain consistently available regardless of the status of either the data server or application layer.

Webscale provides an SLA for its Cloud Mirror service. Users are guaranteed to have their site up and running in the alternate location within 60 minutes and with no more than 15 minutes of data loss. These service guarantees are commonly referred to as a recovery time objective (RTO) and a recovery point objective (RPO) respectively.

Webscale Multi-Cloud DR is available now across multiple regions of a cloud provider, offering customers the ability to backup or mirror their backend on the same cloud provider, but in a different region to minimize downtime during a service outage. The next release will support Multi-Cloud DR across multiple cloud providers where e-commerce applications can seamlessly failover to another cloud provider, regardless of their location.

Webscale Multi-Cloud DR, with Cloud Backup, is included with Webscale Pro and Enterprise. Webscale Multi-Cloud DR, with Cloud Mirror, is included in Webscale Enterprise or available as an additional service for Webscale Pro. Pricing and product information can be found online, and for more information on Webscale Multi-Cloud DR, visit the product page here.

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