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Webscale Launches Global Ecommerce Security Report –
Reveals Critical Insights and Key Learnings for 2021


Report captures how merchants fared security-wise in 2020,
a year of unprecedented growth for ecommerce 

SANTA CLARA, CA – March 10, 2021 – Webscale, the Safest Cloud Hosting for Ecommerce, has released its flagship 2021 Global Ecommerce Security Report, a comprehensive annual review of the preparedness, trends, technologies, sentiments, investments, and business impact of security on the ecommerce industry over the course of the last year.

The report is the outcome of one of the widest security-focused surveys conducted in the ecommerce industry, engaging 1572 ecommerce professionals, including merchants and digital agencies, to understand how they fared security-wise during 2020, what gaps they identified, and where they plan to focus and invest in 2021.

Key insights from the report:

Security incidents grew 20% for nearly two-thirds of the businesses surveyed, with 78% reporting at least one cyber security incident over the course of the year. Many attack types were mentioned, but the most notable increases were seen in the below categories:

  • Bad bots (32% increase)
  • DDoS attacks (38% increase)
  • Magecart attacks (81% increase)
  • Credit card skimming and fraud attacks (43% and 65% increase respectively)

The industry is responding, however, with most ecommerce businesses committing to increases of up to 20% in security spending over the next 3 years. Key areas of investment include:

  • Improved hosting – 72% of businesses stated security was their biggest challenge with their existing hosting provider
  • Fraud Detection – 64% of businesses plan to invest in a solution to prevent fraud on their storefronts
  • CSP Protection – 79% want to help prevent cross site scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks by implementing CSP Protection.

“While some of this year’s findings are in line with expectations, others, like the degree of complacency that still exists when it comes to securing storefronts, were surprising. The good news is that an overwhelmingly large percentage of merchants surveyed view security as their number one challenge, and are already making plans to invest heavily in 2021,” said Andrew Humber, Vice President of Marketing at Webscale.

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The Webscale platform delivers powerful 360-degree security for a variety of ecommerce platforms and architectures, with deployments ranging from headless/JAMStack solutions, to progressive web applications and fully managed hosting environments, for platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and SAP Hybris.

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