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Webscale Provides SSL Encryption for All Ecommerce Sites

“Forced” SSL Within Cloud ADC Boosts E-tailers’ Top and Bottom Line

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Nov 17, 2015 – Webscale Networks, the cloud-based application delivery controller (ADC) company, today announced that it has upgraded its flagship CloudMaestro ADC with the ability to force all user communication with a web domain through HTTPS. The incorporation of this form of “forced” SSL, in addition to the existing native SSL encryption and HTTPS, follows the company’s October 1, 2015 release of sweeping new additions and improvements to CloudMaestro, a move that effectively redefined the role of a Cloud ADC for ecommerce providers of all sizes and the broader enterprise. (The former release was issued by Lagrange Systems, which has rebranded as Webscale Networks.)

The new and improved CloudMaestro builds on the Google policy by allowing Webscale customers not only to increase business visibility by improving their website page rankings, but also to maintain a secure and high-performing web presence, assure customers of more secure transactions, and gain the attention of new online shoppers. By contrast, traditional on-premises solutions for SSL often require an appliance or a firewall and are complicated to install and manage — a “deal killer” for many ecommerce companies with limited IT resources and big ambitions.

Google’s Encouragement to Adopt HTTPS
In August 2014, Google announced on its webmaster blog that it would begin to take into account if a website was forcing all site interaction to use secure SSL encryption, and would boost the ranking of any website that conformed. Google’s goal was to encourage website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to increase the security of all web traffic.

Webscaling for the other 99 Percent
Via CloudMaestro, Webscale is committed to providing the infinite web-scaling capabilities of internet giants such as Facebook and eBay to the other 99 percent of companies online. Customers can leverage proactive and cloud-agnostic infrastructure that scales server instances ahead of demand, from website visitor traffic using big data and analytics. For many companies, not just ecommerce, poor website performance and downtime directly translate to customer dissatisfaction and defection. Webscale empowers companies to instantly improve web application performance by ensuring consistency in page load and transaction times, leading to higher revenues and loyal end-customers.

“Ensuring that visitors experience no delays in application availability or any performance impact due to marketing success with variations in traffic is no longer limited to the one percent with expertise and budget,” said Sonal Puri, CEO of Webscale Networks. “Webscale is committed to delivering every user an awesome online experience and every ecommerce vendor the right-sized infrastructure for all seasons.”

The CloudMaestro service is available now from Webscale Networks. All customers receive the latest software stack, and there are no licenses, hidden costs, “end of life” scenarios, or hardware refresh required. Pricing depends on the number of website visitors and leverages the true ROI of the Cloud. To learn more, visit

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Webscale is a pioneer of integrated multi-cloud application delivery in the cloud. Delivered as-a-Service, Webscale allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from a converged platform that delivers predictive auto-scaling, load balancing, high performance, outage prevention, comprehensive security and simple management across cloud providers. Webscale is enabling mid-market e-commerce and enterprise customers with a platform focused on seamless automation, using deep analytics and machine learning. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, with offices in Boulder, CO and Bangalore, India. For more information, please visit:

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