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Webscale Sets New Standard for Web Application Delivery and Control with Expanded Product Portfolio and Free Cloud Migration

Integrated Application Delivery Platform Initially Targets Mid-Market E-Commerce Companies, Delivering Predictive Auto-Scaling, Multi-Cloud, Manageability, and Simplicity

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – MARCH 22, 2016Webscale Networks (formerly Lagrange Systems), creator of the world’s first fully integrated web application delivery platform, today announced the launch of its new product portfolio, along with a limited-time offer to migrate select customers to the cloud for free. Available in four versions (Free, Lite, Pro and Enterprise), the Webscale platform offers mid-market e-commerce and enterprise companies a fast track to the cloud, featuring predictive auto-scaling, multi-cloud, performance optimization, security and manageability.

Webscale drives application delivery and web performance far beyond the confines of the traditional application delivery controller (ADC) appliance (either hardware, software or virtual), to become truly cloud-enabled. The first cloud-enabled platform of its kind, Webscale delivers complete application control to any web application owner, from bloggers, to mid-market e-commerce companies and enterprise DevOps groups. Webscale is available to try and buy online (no sales person required), at a range of price points and with no long-term contracts.

“Mid-market businesses, especially e-commerce companies that are competing in tough markets and want to grow while they manage spend, need to be looking to the cloud as their infrastructure of choice—and Webscale gets them there,” said Sonal Puri, CEO of Webscale. “Webscale provides complete control over a web application, offering predictive auto-scaling, single-screen monitoring, self-healing and multi-cloud support. With the addition of free cloud migration services for qualifying customers, Webscale is now the fastest, most powerful and affordable path to the cloud.”

“With Webscale, our migration to the cloud was flawless and we’re now spending 32 percent less on our infrastructure, so we couldn’t be happier,” said Laura Lauda, Technical Director of IT at Fresh Produce. “Our traffic is prone to spikes, especially around special offers and seasonal promotions. With an infrastructure that automatically scales to manage these surges, we no longer have to guess how successful a marketing event will be.”

Why the Cloud Needs Webscale
Running an application or server instance in the cloud isn’t enough to ensure elasticity and scalability. Cloud providers can’t predict demand—and therefore scale out reactively only when capacity is exceeded—resulting in infrastructure playing catch-up during traffic surges. This user experience friction may result in shopping cart abandonment due to slow or non-functioning checkouts, or, worse, entirely non-responsive sites.

The digital shopper is demanding. According to a study from Kissmetrics*, 47 percent of consumers expect a webpage to load in two seconds or less, and, after three seconds, 40 percent of people will abandon that webpage. For an e-commerce business making $100,000 per day, a mere one-second delay could result in $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

“By 2017, one-third of application delivery deployments will include network service (or cloud) elements, in addition to on-premises application delivery controllers (ADCs) and WAN optimization controllers (WOCs),” said Joe Skorupa and Mark Fabbi, VP and Distinguished Analysts at Gartner in the October 2014 report, The Future of Application Delivery Is (Partly) Cloudy. Further, it is recommended businesses “move from a model of physical devices allocated to specific applications, to one that takes advantage of physical, virtual and cloud resident service elements to support the new device/browser/cloud-centric environment.”

Webscale is a true disrupter of the traditional network acceleration appliance model, by delivering a low-cost, cloud-based solution that gives even the smallest of businesses a complete view of their web application, combined with the flexibility to manage it.

Built on the foundation of nine years of research into predictive analytics, Webscale’s patented, dynamic resource allocation technology sets it apart from traditional application delivery or load balancing solutions. Its ability to look ahead of demand and automatically take whatever action is needed to ensure a website stays fast and available, makes it easy to use by anyone within an organization.

The Webscale integrated application delivery platform incorporates the following:

  • Predictive auto-scaling
    • Traditional “elastic” solutions react to traffic surges, falling behind and then over-compensating, resulting in businesses paying for capacity that wasn’t used. Webscale’s predictive auto-scaling technology looks ahead of traffic surges and scales out, and back, with greater accuracy, so customers only pay for what they use.
  • Multi-cloud
    • Webscale is cloud-agnostic, making it the ideal solution for businesses deploying a multi-cloud strategy. Built and delivered as-a-Service, Webscale works across all public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructures, as well as static hosting environments.
  • Manageability
    • Webscale delivers global web application management from a single screen, giving customers an easy-to-understand snapshot of their website’s status, including alerts and notifications for uncompromised system visibility and awareness.
  • Performance  
    • Webscale boosts site performance by modifying content before delivery, including caching, resizing images, or rewriting asset locations to pull from a content delivery network (CDN). As experts in Magento, as well as other e-commerce platforms, Webscale can help improve revenue flow, customer conversion and loyalty.
  • Free Cloud Migration
    • Magento customers signing up for a Webscale Pro contract prior to April 30, 2016 will be eligible for free migration services.
  • Security
    • A certified PCI-DSS 3.1 service provider, Webscale’s web application firewall provides comprehensive functionality with support for extensive security policies, including SSL/TLS encryption support, distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Mitigation, and more.

Webscale offers a solution for all organizations and their IT budgets:

Webscale Pro & Enterprise deliver complete application control and insight as well as predictive auto-scaling capabilities for both the ADC and web application layers, ensuring site availability during the busiest online shopping periods. Webscale Pro also offers self-healing, which identifies, removes and replaces faulty application server and ADC instances before they cause disruption. Webscale Pro includes up to 1TB of data transfer per month and starts at $2500 per month. Webscale Enterprise provides additional support, increased network bandwidth and data transfer limits (5TB), and other additional features. Pricing for Webscale Enterprise is available on request.

Webscale Lite is aimed at small to midsize companies, and offers ADC scaling, web application optimization to boost overall site performance, caching, load balancing, and a number of monitoring options. Lite offers customers an included 250GB of data transfer per month and is available for $250 per month.

Webscale Free is provided at no charge, and gives customers and DevOps teams the opportunity to test their applications with ADC scaling, load balancing and caching performance. Data transfer is limited to 10GB per month.

Free and Lite customers can now create user accounts and configure their Webscale deployment through a new, step-by-step sign-up process on the company’s website. To get started, or to learn more about any of the Webscale products, please visit

*Source: Work, S. (2011, April 28). ‘How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line’ [Blog Post] Retrieved March 4, 2016 from

About Webscale
Webscale is a pioneer of integrated multi-cloud application delivery in the cloud. Delivered as-a-Service, Webscale allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from a converged platform that delivers predictive auto-scaling, load balancing, high performance, outage prevention, comprehensive security and simple management across cloud providers. Webscale is enabling mid-market e-commerce and enterprise customers with a platform focused on seamless automation, using deep analytics and machine learning. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, with offices in Boulder, CO and Bangalore, India. For more information, please visit:

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