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Webscale Upgrades Performance Suite Delivering up to 150% Faster E-Commerce Storefronts


Dynamic Site Cache and Cache Control Add to Powerful Performance Features of the Webscale Platform, Without the Need for Premium CDNs


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – October 04, 2018Webscale, the E-Commerce Cloud Company, today announced the availability of new performance features that enable merchants to significantly enhance the user experience of their e-commerce storefronts.

Often seen as the domain of content delivery networks (CDNs), the need for fast page load times has traditionally left e-commerce merchants paying high prices for premium solutions. From a user’s very first visit to a storefront, Webscale’s cloud management and control platform provides e-commerce businesses with the most complete solution for delivering blazing fast performance together with 100% uptime and powerful security.

Value Pet Supplies, a leading online provider of pet food, snacks and other related products improved their site performance significantly and saw a notable increase in revenue as a result. “Webscale has improved our add-to-cart speed from 3.5 sec to 1.9 sec and our conversion rate is up 17% already. As CMO, I am totally thrilled,” said Nick Carter at Value Pet Supplies.

Webscale’s performance solution delivers:

  • Up to 150% faster site performance and improved user experience
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Reduced bounce rate and churn
  • Increased infrastructure efficiency
  • Improved ROI on infrastructure spend
  • CDN cost savings
  • Enhanced customization of content delivery
  • Right-sized application infrastructure

“As the e-commerce segment continues to grow exponentially, buyer patience continues to decline. Consumers won’t wait for a slow-loading website, and merchants are faced with many rivals eager to take their business away by delivering a superior user experience,” said Jay Smith, founder and CTO of Webscale. “Webscale accelerates the performance and delivery of dynamic, personalized sites, increasing conversion rates, while reducing CDN costs and improving the ROI on infrastructure spend.”

Globally Distributed, Multi-Cloud Presence
The proximity of content caches to users is an important indicator of page load time. Webscale syndicates global cloud providers with built-in resiliency to span multiple clouds. Deployed in every continent and all major cities, Webscale has infinite capacity to scale, cache content and deliver optimized pages to visitors.

Dynamic Site Cache
E-commerce pages are dynamic and personalized based on a user’s shopping behavior, so they cannot be cached and re-used for other visitors. Anonymous users however, as well as bots, can receive cached HTML pages. Dynamic Site Cache delivers lightning fast page loads for users when they visit a storefront for the first time, by allowing caching of HTML pages and content for anonymous sessions.

Bots represent up to 50% of a typical website’s traffic. With Dynamic Site Cache enabled, the application origin is no longer processing this traffic, significantly increasing the efficiency of the application infrastructure, improving performance and reducing operating costs.

Cache Control
Webscale allows application administrators to control, customize and override the cache control headers for web responses, so they can change or extend cache times for static assets, such as images. This enables offload of the infrastructure from content requests that change infrequently, further increasing performance and improving efficiency. With CDNs, invalidating cached content that has recently changed is hard to achieve in real-time and without human intervention. Webscale’s proximity and awareness of the backend infrastructure and assets, allow content to be instantly and automatically invalidated when they change.

Web Content Optimization
Page load time is dependent on the size of the page and the number of round trips required to fetch the required assets. Webscale uses advanced content optimization, in real-time, to optimize web page asset delivery, reducing round trips and page size, and dramatically improving performance. The type of device (desktop or mobile) requesting the web page is also accounted for, with features including the minimization of assets, and reducing the size of responses.

Third-Party Optimization
Performance degradation of a web page may be caused by slow retrieval of third-party assets – like social media assets or integrations, and marketing automation trackers. Webscale’s powerful Web Controls give administrators the ability to enhance performance improvements by configuring third-party assets to be deferred or downloaded in parallel, speeding up overall page load times.

Webscale’s performance suite is available to Webscale cloud plan customers globally, and is now rolling out across more than 700 e-commerce storefronts live on the Webscale platform. To learn more, visit

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