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Webscale and Vue Storefront Partner to Deliver Fast and Secure PWAs

New Collaboration Enables True “Out of the Box” PWA Experience for Merchants Across Multiple Ecommerce Platforms and Shopping Carts

SANTA CLARA, CA, May 17, 2022 – Webscale, the fastest, most secure cloud platform for modern commerce, today announced that it is partnering with Vue Storefront to bring its CloudEDGE Progressive Web Application (PWA) solution to ecommerce merchants and developers globally, improving the security, speed and stability of Vue Storefront PWAs, as well as accelerating their delivery and deployment.

Vue Storefront on Webscale offers a composable solution that increases flexibility and reduces complexity for developers and business decision makers. Combining Webscale’s powerful cloud platform of market-proven security, performance, and scalability technologies, with Vue Storefront’s well-documented and widely adopted open source and enterprise software products, going to market with a headless commerce experience is now a true “out of the box” experience, across multiple ecommerce platforms and shopping cart technologies. 

“By partnering with Webscale, we’re providing a world-class PWA solution that gives developers the flexibility to create highly differentiated customer experiences in a fraction of the time, increasing conversion rates and revenue,” said Gordana Vuckovic, Chief Revenue Officer at Vue Storefront.

Vue Storefront, delivered through the Webscale platform, includes a myriad of benefits for merchant organizations and developers:

    • Merchants can make frequent and significant changes to their backend commerce or content engines with less technical and design churn on their frontend. 
    • Marketing teams can visually overhaul their branding on the frontend, or stand-up multiple customer experiences under different brands, without significantly impacting the backend. 
    • Developers, at both the agency and merchant level, can iterate faster while detecting and resolving issues sooner, with Webscale’s customized CI/CD pipelines and unique observability tools.

“Webscale is the de facto standard to deliver monolithic, headless and composable commerce worldwide and this relationship is an affirmation of our leadership in cloud delivery for the fastest and most secure storefronts,” said Sonal Puri, CEO at Webscale. “Vue Storefront’s composable, well-documented, open-source, and rock-solid headless delivery capabilities, coupled with Webscale CloudEDGE PWA, eases the delivery burden and helps modernize and accelerate commerce businesses.”

Vue Storefront on Webscale can be deployed quickly and easily, giving merchants the freedom of utilizing open web standards to deliver an app-like experience to end users, without the unpredictability of resubmission processes at an app store or the virtual lock-in of a monolithic system.

For more information on how Vue Storefront on Webscale can get your development team started with a composed solution, accelerated customer experience, faster development cycles, and improved security, contact us at

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