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Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager

Automated image optimization and management, at the edge, for improved Core Web Vitals and enhanced user experience

Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager is a multi-cloud SaaS solution that offers a one-stop, automated image optimization and management solution for website administrators to store images, dynamically optimize delivery, improve page load times and reduce spend. By deploying at the traffic edge, CloudEDGE Image Manager can dramatically improve Core Web Vital scores by reducing the size of images, without any loss of visibility into your infrastructure.

Why Ecommerce Businesses
Need Image Management

User Experience and Engagement: Images have a huge impact on the user experience, engagement, brand, and credibility of an online storefront.

Page Load Speeds: A typical ecommerce page needs more than 50 web requests to fully render, and more than 60% of its weight can be in images. Any improvement in image size and the bandwidth they consume can result in significantly faster page load times.

SEO Ranking and Site Traffic: Google’s Core Web Vitals measure your site’s user experience, lowering search rankings for sites that fall below the required standard. Improved image optimization and page speed directly contribute to improving this score. 

Conversions and Revenue: Enhancing user experience and engagement leads to higher conversion rates, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Responsive Design: Ecommerce business owners are seeking to deliver a seamless personalized digital experience to all users. It is critical to serve the ‘right’ images, fast, based on the end user’s device type, browser, screen size, and resolution.

Device Proliferation: With the rapid proliferation of devices such as smartwatches, tablets, and smartphones, formatting images for each new device and screen size can become a huge management hassle.


Improve Site Performance and Core Web Vitals

More than 60% of an ecommerce page’s weight can be in images. Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager can automatically resize, reformat, or compress images to improve site performance and Core Web Vitals. Optimal images can be delivered based on end user latency, device type, screen resolution, and browser type.

Enhance Shopping Experience

Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager enables site administrators to perform customizations on product images to improve user engagement. Customizations can include zoom-in, logo or text overlays, and color changes on-the-fly, significantly enhancing the shopping experience across platforms.

Reduce Costs

Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager can manipulate images dynamically and on-demand. This eliminates the need to store different variants of an image statically on the origin server, thus reducing storage costs. Automating this task also reduces the need to hire costly in-house teams.

Leverage Responsive Site Design

Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager ensures that the best suited image is dynamically delivered to every device, every time. Responsive web design is now a necessity for any modern ecommerce site that wants to deliver a personalized digital experience. It is imperative to serve the ‘right’ images, fast, based on the end user’s device, browser, and screen resolution.

Stay Compatible with New Devices

Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager automatically formats images for all new devices and screen sizes to ensure great user experience, while reducing complexity. As new smartwatches, tablets, and smartphones are released with improved capabilities, formatting images for every new device type and screen size becomes complex and cumbersome. Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager does this automatically to ensure the best possible experience for end users in terms of image delivery, instead of burdening the site administrator with additional complexity.

Gain Better Visibility and Analytics

Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager is deployed in close proximity to the application infrastructure, thus enhancing visibility and analytics. Gain insight into how web pages perform, including benefits from any image optimization applied. This is available through the traffic viewer and performance tests.

“Webscale made our move to the cloud effortless and continues to offer amazing customer service with quick responses to all of our questions.”

Features and Functionality

Webscale’s image optimization engine allows for automated format selection (WebP / JPEG / PNG) for image delivery based on the browser. It also allows site administrators to resize and compress images, as needed. Site administrators can optimize SVG graphics, thereby enhancing image scalability on the website, as well as enable automatic detection of face and facial features.

Webscale’s image optimization engine integrates and works cohesively with multiple CDNs to greatly improve site performance.

With Webscale’s dynamic image manipulation functionality, site administrators can perform URL-based dynamic image transformations in real-time. They can automatically resize images, add image overlays, change background colors, blur images, add text and logos, and watermark images, as required.

Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager integrates and works seamlessly with multiple public cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and others) and CDNs (AWS Cloudfront, Fastly, Akamai, Cloudflare). It is also compatible with multiple ecommerce platforms such as Magento, WordPress, and WooCommerce, as well as custom sites using other platforms.

How it Works


Webscale CloudEDGE Image Manager is built into the Webscale platform. It can be enabled in seconds with a simple DNS change. For Magento deployments, configuration changes include changing the base media URL to allow all image requests to be fetched from the image optimization engine, when the images are not available on the CDN.


Specify policies to manipulate and optimize images on a centralized portal. Optimizations include overlaying text, URL-based resizing, blurring backgrounds, and more.

Monitor and Manage

The Webscale platform is device-aware and dynamically identifies device types accessing your site, and right-sizes the images delivered to the end user’s browser. It also provides insight into the performance of the web pages, including benefits from any image optimization applied. This is available through the traffic viewer and performance tests.

What our Customers are Saying

“We’ve had zero downtime and much faster site performance on Webscale than we did with our previous managed hosting provider. Webscale has been instrumental in helping us get through the holiday season.

Andrew Savage

Chief Operating Officer, Dolls Kill

“One of the reasons we went with Webscale was for the support. They even made suggestions on changes to Magento – they can handle anything. It’s like having a couple of extra team members. Since switching to Webscale, our site has been running much faster and we’ve had zero downtime.”

Jesse Thomas

Web/Ecommerce Manager, Skate One Corp

CloudEDGE Image Manager


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