Applications may be deployed in different cloud providers to counter outages, maintain regional compliance or avoid performance issues. With active support for public, private and hybrid clouds, Webscale enables users to view, analyze and manage all their applications through a single pane of glass. Additional features, like Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery, run across clouds, where applications can failover across regions and cloud providers.

Works across public, private, hybrid clouds

Single pane of glass management


The Webscale platform is built using the fundamental software-defined principle of control and data plane separation. This allows for the greatest flexibility in bringing a global ADC network to businesses and cloud providers worldwide. It allows for a true multi-cloud experience, self-healing across instances and infinite scalability.

Separate control and data plane

Easily deploy ADC networks across clouds


Webscale is a software as-a-service (SaaS) with a simple monthly subscription plan. Any web application (HTTP/HTTPS) hosted in a public, private or hybrid cloud, or architected over multiple clouds, can be delivered, accelerated, stabilized and secured using the Webscale platform. Gartner describes Webscale as an over-the-top (OTT) service that can leverage infrastructure resources across a breadth of service providers, cloud or dedicated, while providing user adoption and ROI benefits to businesses worldwide.

Simple OTT service, paid monthly

Any Application, Any Cloud


With our true SaaS philosophy, we are built from the ground up for multi-tenancy, across applications and customers for our services. For customers looking for a dedicated solution for compliance or peace of mind, Webscale can guarantee a non-shared experience for one or more applications or delivery within certain geographies.

Dedicated solution for compliance

Deliver across geographies


Webscale is RESTful API-enabled to integrate, deploy, configure and manage all aspects of a web application through the customer portal, or to integrate Webscale into a unified third-party portal of choice.

RESTful API-enabled

Configure through customer portal


HTTPS enables better security for web applications and has become a critical requirement for SEO. Webscale will procure and manage certificates on your behalf and automatically enable you to be HTTPS-enabled without any changes to your application infrastructure. This will also enable SSL/TLS termination, enabling offload of all SSL/TLS setup and encryption from the application servers, and allowing for more efficient use of infrastructure, higher security and improved SEO rankings.

Web Application Firewall Functionality (WAF)
Webscale protects your applications against well-known vulnerabilities (OWASP Top 10) with standard or custom WAF rules. Access control mechanisms enable blacklisting and whitelisting by IP addresses or User agents. Web application owners and IT may block requests for a short duration, or rate limit to slow down web sessions to analyze and apply valid security policies.

Custom Security Policies
Each application may have different security needs and the ability to apply custom security policies is critical for application owners and IT. Webscale’s custom security policy manager includes over 100 combinations of conditions to detect, together with policies to apply instantly.

Certain geographies are associated with security issues and the ability to block requests originating from these geographies is critical to the ongoing support of the application. Webscale allows for specific security controls including ‘Allow’, ’Block’, ‘Rate Limit’ to be applied to those geo-targeted regions.

WAF protects against threats

Custom policies, applied instantly


Webscale uses predictive analytics and big data to constantly monitor traffic, predict changes in user demand, and proactively scale out/scale in application infrastructure in real-time. This ensures high performance delivering an optimal user experience even under heavy load or surge traffic. Webscale will automatically scale out the ADC layer as well to meet network and CPU demands and offload the backend for critical tasks. Unique to Webscale, predictive auto scaling is available for multiple cloud providers and ensures infrastructure is always right-sized and optimally used for the highest ROI on cloud infrastructure.

Proactively scale architecture for peak

Always right-sized for best ROI


Webscale’s session analytics provides information about users’ devices, browsers, geography and bot classifications. In addition, Webscale’s anomaly detection analyzes web session logs in real-time, classifies suspect behavior and applies security controls, either automatically using machine learning techniques, or manually through the Webscale’s security API and portal controls.

Real-time deep session analysis

Automatically apply security controls


Webscale accelerates applications by deploying caches at the ADC layer and integrating with globally deployed cloud CDN caches close to users anywhere in the world, including the US, APAC and EMEA. Content optimization techniques automatically optimize assets for each web request, reducing page size and subsequently, the number of server requests, Webscale maximizes the performance of your website for all workloads, specifically mobile, delivering a fast, consistent user experience.

Integrated with leading CDNs

Content optimization maximizes performance


Webscale constantly monitors the health of the entire infrastructure including ADCs and application servers. It’s self-healing architecture identifies and replaces faulty application server and ADC instances before they cause disruption and without impacting the overall experience of users.

Constant health monitoring

Self-healing replaces faulty servers


It is critical for every enterprise to have a business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery. Webscale has multiple solutions to address this requirement for businesses and their compliance requirements: Cloud Backup, Cloud Mirror and Cloud Rescue.

Cloud backup for business continuity

Real-time mirror in cloud


At Webscale, we place strong emphasis on automation as it allows for the reduction of human error and enables speed of deployment and ease of management of web applications. To quickly onboard applications, Webscale uses industry leading configuration management tools to automatically deploy, manage and maintain your server instances and web applications.

Powerful automation simplifies management

Rapidly deploy new applications


The Webscale unified portal elegantly delivers a simplified, rich experience providing business owners and IT with insight into infrastructure, performance, availability, support and billing. Multiple customizable portlets add to the flexibility and depth of insight provided to businesses enabling them to make smarter decisions for success.

Simple UI for easy management

Multiple portlets provide deep insight

Why Choose us

Converged Platform

Enterprise web applications need strong security, high performance and maximum uptime, while continuously adapting to the changing needs of its users. This requires integrating with different vendors (CDN, WAF, analytics, disaster recovery, alerting, monitoring and off-hours support) which often lead to integration complexities and delayed timelines. Webscale provides a tightly integrated software stack that brings together all the layers and provides maximum efficiency without the need for one-off management, increased cost or complexity. Webscale’s flexibility and a-la-carte approach, ensures enterprises are not locked into the entire solution stack and can instead choose to integrate with specific layers and with other single-feature vendors as their needs dictate.

Significantly Lower TCO

Webscale’s 100% Software as-a-Service model eliminates the need to plan in advance and allocate specific on-premise or cloud infrastructure- hardware, software or virtual. Webscale’s predictive auto-scaling also ensures infrastructure is always right sized, scaling out and in as needed, and based on real-time metrics and demand. In addition, Webscale’s automation and simplicity ensures significant cost savings over any other application delivery solution in the world.

Multi-Cloud Support

Webscale’s software-defined architecture, with the separation of control and data plane, allows it to expand across clouds and be the single point of access, control and management for enterprises with applications across cloud regions or cloud providers (public, private or hybrid). Webscale can enable easy and instant portability of workloads across clouds for staging, production, regional focus, compliance or business continuity. In addition, some Webscale products like Cloud Mirror are multi-cloud enabled, replicating an entire application in real-time across cloud providers and failing over from one cloud to another to achieve the high availability.