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Designed to address the pain points many businesses face with regards to the security, availability and performance of their critical web applications, the Webscale Cloud WAF is the first to focus on critical e-commerce platforms and integrate application awareness by building out robust protection for both data traffic at the browser level, and the complete backend application infrastructure, in a Software-as-a-Service solution.

“Event Network manages more than 80 online storefronts for our customers and we were seeing DDoS attacks propagating from all over the world, affecting multiple domains every hour. Neither us nor our hosting provider could keep up, and we experienced shut downs that cost valuable revenue,” said Luis Sanchez, e-commerce director at Event Network. “Webscale is a true extension of our team, and we’ve had 100% uptime since working with them, as well as the type of support and commitment that keeps all our domains running 24x7x365, at optimal performance.”

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