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The e-commerce industry is exploding and is expected to be worth more than $4 Trillion by 2020. This growth is fueled by changing consumer preferences, increasing internet, smartphone, and social media penetration, and rapid globalization. With more than 600 storefronts on its platform, Webscale is helping industries such as consumer retail, e-learning, media and entertainment and publishing, realize the true potential of the cloud.

Consumer Retail

While “brick and mortar” storefronts will certainly continue to be an important touchpoint for global retailers, the rapidly increasing significance of e-commerce, for both the consumer and B2B segment, is changing the face of modern retail. With marketing promotions, flash sales and seasonal spikes occurring throughout the year, the need to deliver a fast, personalized online shopping experience across all types of personal computing device (laptop, mobile or tablet) has never been more important.

The Webscale E-Commerce Cloud delivers better performance, higher availability, better transaction completion rates, stronger security and an infrastructure that scales on demand, eliminating unnecessary build out and spend. Webscale helps e-tailers increase revenues and customer loyalty, while delivering measurable benefits on things they care about – conversion rates, bounce rates, revenue, user experience and customer satisfaction.


Education is going digital and e-learning has cemented its place as a convenient, cost-effective supplement, and alternative, to traditional, classroom based methods of learning. The success of this business primarily depends on the quality of the training material and the ability to deliver that content seamlessly to a global audience.

Webscale’s customers in e-learning focus on building the right content for their target audience while we provide a smooth, near-live content management and delivery experience to their global user base. Webscale’s content optimization techniques automatically optimize assets for each web request, reducing page size and maximizing the performance of the website for all workloads, specifically mobile, delivering a fast, consistent user experience.


News media has been transforming from traditional print to digital for some time, and while certain formats and publications will almost certainly maintain a strong print business, digital has clearly become the dominant medium. Digital resources – newspapers, movies, songs, games, and more – are easier to access from any device, anywhere in the world. While the cloud is empowering this rapid asset digitization, not everyone has the deep pockets of Netflix, Amazon, and Google to effectively manage those resources in the cloud.

Webscale provides media companies with a one stop solution to migrate their workloads to the cloud, and manage them, to provide their end users a seamless and secure browsing experience. Webscale customers no longer have to worry about their website going down due to a sudden surge in traffic from a viral video, or a DDOS attack on their competitor.

Ride Sharing

The success of ride sharing apps, like Uber and Lyft, has many entrepreneurs jumping on the bandwagon around the world to start their own ride sharing businesses. While replicating the Uber model is straightforward enough, the operational aspects are not, and making an application perform in an industry characterized by erratic demand is what separates winners from losers.

Our customers trust in Webscale to manage their applications in the cloud, and allow them to focus on their business. Our patented technology uses predictive analytics and big data to constantly monitor traffic, predict changes in user demand, and proactively scale out/scale in application infrastructure in real-time. This ensures fast, high performing applications delivering an optimal user experience even under heavy load or surge traffic, perfect for those times when surge pricing is at its peak.

Food Delivery

Lunch, dinner and weekends are big business for the food delivery industry, and while managing on-time order preparation and delivery is important, it’s critical is to ensure you don’t miss any order due to application performance issues or failing checkouts. Today’s customers are neither loyal nor patient, especially when hungry, and will switch to another provider in seconds if they face performance, availability or security issues.

Webscale customers in the food delivery industry never miss an order due to application downtime or performance issues. Our predictive auto-scaling technology combined with performance, availability and security benefits bring out the best in any web application enabling them to serve the first and the millionth user equally, and at the lowest total cost.


Online travel companies – travel agencies, direct travel suppliers, and review websites – have made travel planning and bookings simple. With little control over the fares themselves, the success or failure of these companies depends primarily on the user experience provided. A minute of downtime, or a checkout failure after the user has spent time researching and booking a complicated itinerary cost these companies thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost revenue. These businesses have users from across the globe, using a multitude of different devices, and every one of them expects a seamless browsing experience.

Webscale is purpose built to solve the performance and availability needs of fast growing e-commerce businesses, especially in the travel segment. Specifically, Webscale uses advanced content optimization techniques to optimize web page asset delivery, in real-time, in addition to taking into account the type of device requesting the web page. This ensures that both the number of assets needed and the size of the responses to make a web page available for the user are reduced, making them fast and always available.



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