Webscale CloudEDGE Application Testing

Proactive Readiness for Critical Shopping Events

Webscale CloudEDGE Application Testing is a synthetic test designed to simulate real end-user patterns and shopping behavior on the ecommerce application, while measuring the site’s responsiveness, and overall performance.

Why Businesses need Ecommerce Application Testing

Research shows that online consumers go elsewhere if they deem a site too slow (taking more than 3 seconds to load), or if they experience availability issues, such as a failing checkout.

While the Webscale platform provides multiple caching layers, and proactively auto-scales application servers, ecommerce business owners must understand the impact that architecture and code dependencies can have on a site’s functionality, availability and performance. It is equally important to understand how their site responds under heavy load, especially before events that are likely to create high traffic.

Benefits of Ecommerce Application Testing


Initiate a test in just a few clicks and run it for a few minutes or longer.

Scalable and Repeatable 

Seamlessly scale to thousands of requests per second and concurrent users. Replay your best sales event by uploading logs from previous events or incorporating the test as a code in your CI/CD pipeline.


Built for storefronts on any platform and any public cloud.

Enhance User Experience

Evaluate performance under load to ensure optimum customer experience at all times.

Enhance User Experience

Evaluate performance under load to ensure optimum customer experience at all times.

Mitigate Risks Related to Code Releases

Real-world testing of new code deployments ensure successful roll outs and protection of brand reputation.

How Does Ecommerce Application Testing Work?

Webscale CloudEDGE Application Testing executes a series of tests against a staging site. User sessions are replicated to make the same API calls that real production users make, simulating site traffic down to the last detail for logged in and guest users. Tests are conducted all the way through to a successful checkout experience, including third party API calls, if relevant.

The service then captures these results using the Webscale Portal, with the traffic logs available to view in the Webscale Traffic Viewer, for as long as the temporary testing application is available.  A report is also made available, on-demand, to describe the tests, the patterns, and the results.

What our Customers are Saying About CloudEDGE Application Testing

Listen to Rick Wilson, Global Director of IT at Trulieve, and Jay Smith, CTO and Founder of Webscale, talk about the unique segment of medical cannabis and the demands placed on their ecommerce storefront, twice a week, every week, when they do a new product release.

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