Website Visibility

Every website needs an intelligent visibility tool that provides insight into the health of the digital business (traffic, sources, conversions, etc.), hosting infrastructure, and user experience. There are many tools that will accomplish the former objective. However, only a few visibility solutions can claim to offer a comprehensive view into a website’s infrastructure and user experience – which includes everything from event logs to uptime, performance, and security.

High-level overview of uptime, sessions, and outstanding issues

A high-level, executive (CIO, VP, or Director level) dashboard is the first screen that customers see when they log in to the portal. Here, users can see some key performance indicators (KPIs) – page views, sessions, uptime, number of outstanding support tickets, and events data – that provide a quick look at overall application health and status, traffic metrics, and number of unresolved issues. Below this, customers can look at server information and status for each application, along with server scaling and cache details.

A comprehensive understanding of website traffic

The traffic portal allows site administrators to measure, monitor, and categorize website traffic. They can identify which countries or regions contribute the most traffic, which can help them potentially identify new promising markets and opportunities.

For example, users can analyze their website traffic over a month, and identify traffic trends over, say, the holiday season, or during a promotion or sale. This, in turn, can help them get more accurate ROI numbers for the effectiveness of their marketing.

Granular insight into all website events

The events section shows everything that happens on the website backend – scale out events, server usage, cache flushes, response time increases/decreases, administrator activity, etc. It is a near real-time log, updated every five minutes, that contains a lot of in-depth information.

The events section is one of the most powerful tools Webscale provides to troubleshoot websites. The audit log allows site administrators to monitor and track activities, who has accessed the site, and what they did when they were there. This section also indicates if the website’s backup is being taken consistently, which is crucial when a rollback is required.

Monitoring website uptime and performance

Webscale’s portal allows website administrators to monitor uptime and performance in real-time. It enables them to monitor page response times, server count (due to scale out/scale in events), and data transfer rates, at any given time. Each detail has a date and time stamp and can be drilled into for further clarity.

They can also look at application server information – status (scale out / scale in), number of sessions, and whether they are running, stopped, or in maintenance mode. In addition, they can view all applications that are running, active clusters, and how long the website has been up. These features are especially handy when there are a lot of ongoing projects, and they are generating a lot of event logs, which can be challenging to keep track of.

Keeping an eye out for cyberthreats

The threats section in the portal shows all the Web Application Firewall (WAF) hits that the customer’s website has experienced, and the actions that Webscale’s automated system has taken to mitigate potential cyberthreats or bot attacks. Customers can also add and remove whitelisted IPs on the go, or have a timeline for them to expire.

The security section also allows users to keep track of when their SSL certificates are expiring. This feature is particularly handy when customers have multiple domains/applications.

Building rules and automating firewall actions using Web Controls

With Web Controls, customers can create the equivalent of firewall rules, without actually having to know how to build them. Web Controls are very easy to create, and have been designed specifically to allow users of all technical, and non-technical backgrounds, to quickly take actions to ensure the ongoing high performance, availability, and security of their websites.



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