If your Magento storefront is hosted in a static datacenter, then it’s bound by limitations that could be impacting your business. You could be spending less in the public cloud with Webscale, while your customers enjoy a faster, more secure, more available online shopping experience. Incredible support, peace of mind and a platform that grows with you – all you have to do is focus on your business!

Ask yourself these 5 questions and decide for yourself if your dedicated hosting provider is giving you everything you need to be successful.

1. Is my site ready for prime time?

Imagine your marketing promotion or influencer campaigns resulted in a large and dramatic increase in visitors to your website. Your website needs to react accordingly and automatically scale to cater to that valuable surge in traffic. Most dedicated hosting providers don’t offer predictive auto-scaling – the ability to scale out as your demand increases so you only use the resources you need and maintain consistent response times to your users. At best, you’ll be assigned a maximum capacity that you could still well exceed or reactive auto-scaling with a deteriorated user experience at higher traffic volumes. And all the time you’re *not* using that capacity, you’re wasting money!

With Webscale:

Webscale offers proactive application auto-scaling, capable of forecasting traffic surges and scaling ahead of demand automatically. Webscale technology keeps page load times consistently low, and websites fast and available, regardless of the increasing volume of visitors.

2. Am I paying only for what I use?

Without auto-scaling, you’re forced to buy excess capacity or extra servers to cover you in the event of a traffic surge. Exceed that capacity and your site slows to a snail’s pace, or more likely, goes down completely. Stay under that capacity, and you’re “over-provisioned” and paying for resources you’re not using. It’s not what the true cloud was designed for.

With Webscale:

Webscale ensures your infrastructure is always right-sized, scaling out with demand, and scaling back as soon as that demand subsides, keeping your costs to a minimum while your performance stays blazing fast.

3. Is my site as fast as it can be? Will someone help me get it there?

While some hosting providers may offer a CDN to help performance, that’s only one piece of the performance challenge.

With Webscale:

Webscale accelerates applications with inbuilt caching at the ADC layer and integrating with globally deployed cloud CDN caches close to users anywhere in the world. Webscale also deploys advanced content optimization techniques such as Javascript minification and image manipulation to automatically optimize assets for each web request. By reducing page size and subsequently, the number of server requests, Webscale maximizes the performance of your website for all workloads, specifically mobile, delivering a fast, consistent user experience.

4. Is my site safe, and my customer’s data?

Malicious attacks are on the up, and your website and your customers’ data are at risk if you don’t have the right protection in place. Compliance laws require that you do so. DDoS mitigation is one step, but application-aware protection for both data traffic at the browser level, and the complete backend application infrastructure is critical.

With Webscale:

Webscale’s decentralized, software-defined application delivery architecture allows the data plane to reside in close proximity to the application, giving it unprecedented, real-time insight into all activity, while its control plane is able to make changes and deploy safeguards if issues are detected.

5. What happens if there’s an outage?

Recent events have shown that even AWS can have outages and affect many in the process. It is critical to have a business continuity plan that helps you bounce back from an outage faster than anyone else. None of the managed hosting providers offer any kind of failover procedure for your site – if they experience operational downtime, you’re losing customers, maybe forever, and you’re losing precious revenue.

With Webscale:

Webscale Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) operates across different regions of a cloud provider, or entirely different cloud providers, to provide a disaster recovery plan that helps businesses remain high performing in the event of operational downtime. Webscale’s DR services, and our regular 24x7x365 support function are all backed by our industry-leading SLAs, guaranteeing a rapid return to business.

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