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Deliver, no matter what!

At Webscale, it’s our mission to deliver a brilliant web application user experience, no matter what. That means that whatever is hitting your site, whether it be good, like a major surge in traffic caused by a successful marketing promotion, or bad, like a DDoS attack designed to take your site down, Webscale has you covered. The Webscale promise is the highest performance, uptime and security, combined with ease of use for our customers and partners.

Industry-leading NPS scores

“Deliver, no matter what” is our first core value at Webscale – seriously – it’s #1 on the list we all keep on our desks. In 2017, our customers gave us a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 71, an industry standard scoring system where anything above a 50 is considered “best in class”. With a score that far exceeds the average for a B2B company, we are proud to count 74% of our customers as Promoters, defined as “loyal enthusiasts who will continue to buy and refer others, fueling the company’s ongoing growth.”

Every Webscale customer considers us a partner, not just a vendor. We show up, roll up our sleeves and always do the right thing. As for how our customers feel about that peace of mind, we think Jesse Thomas at SkateOne, a leading provider of premier skateboarding equipment since 1976, put it best:

Proactive 24x7x365 Support

Our customers have consistently ranked our support team as the number one reason they love working with Webscale. Our comprehensive 24x7x365 proactive technical support team is constantly monitoring our customers’ web applications for any issues. From root-cause analysis on any production issues and ongoing application performance analysis, to industry-leading service level agreements and comprehensive customer tracking and communications tools, Webscale’s world-class support team has your back.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Webscale is the only cloud hosting and management company in the world that offers service level agreements for customer support, uptime and disaster recovery. Webscale offers response times for critical incidents of 30 minutes, or less, as well as a 60 minute guarantee to have you back online, in the event of a provider outage. We know that if your site is down, you’re losing money and not growing, and because Webscale is committed to helping your business thrive in the public cloud, we will always do whatever is needed to get you there. For more information on our SLAs, visit:

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