Technology Differentiators

What makes Webscale unique?

Webscale’s true differentiation lies in our platform’s foundation of delivering simplicity in migration, hosting, automation and control to e-commerce businesses, while constantly improving the performance, uptime and security of e-commerce applications. Here are just a few of the reasons that our customers work with us.

Predictive Scaling

The key to any website’s success, especially in e-commerce, is uptime. 24x7 access to online shopping is expected, if you cater to a global audience. Website downtime can be caused by many things, but one of the most common scenarios is when a storefront is unable to scale out in real-time in response to a surge in user traffic – either planned, like a flash sale, or unplanned, like a viral marketing event or worse, a cyber attack

One of Webscale’s key differentiators from any other auto-scaling solution in the market is its use of predictive analytics and fast data to proactively identify the need to scale out and do so before it hits critical levels. This ensures high performance, delivering an optimal user experience even under heavy load or surge traffic


The performance of your online storefront can impact your entire business, from customer satisfaction to conversion rates and search engine ranking. Many factors affect website performance, and Webscale covers them all.

Webscale accelerates page views through end-end website performance optimizations, from the Internet edge and the Webscale layer, all the way through the application infrastructure. Webscale leverages machine learning to monitor customer sites, tracking visitor, session and bot behavior 24x7 to determine the cause of performance degradation, applying automated fixes, including third party content, before disruption is caused and mapping those same changes across all our customers.

Cloud Agnostic

The ability to expand across multiple cloud regions or cloud providers (public, private or hybrid), while retaining a single point of access to make control and management easier, has historically been a challenge for e-commerce businesses.

Webscale can enable easy and instant portability of workloads across clouds for staging, production, regional focus, compliance or business continuity in the event of a provider outage. Webscale’s cloud-agnostic nature, enables it to run even a single application across multiple cloud providers, or across different regions.

CDN Agnostic

A content delivery network (CDN) is an important piece of your website performance toolset, leveraging a globally distributed collection of servers, placed in close proximity to Internet users all over the world, to improve delivery of static assets.

Webscale leverages the world’s leading independent and cloud CDNs to bring customers deep integration with performance and cost benefits. By remaining wholly CDN-agnostic, Webscale empowers its global customers with complete flexibility in choosing their CDN provider based on their requirements for performance, features, geography and cost. Webscale can also include one from within their own platform, such as a CDN from their own cloud provider.


The cloud has much to offer companies wanting to migrate their applications and infrastructure to take advantage of its limitless capacity, flexibility and availability. However, many businesses have paid the price of re-writing or “lifting-and-shifting” their applications, and only being able to use a subset of the cloud’s capabilities, perhaps at a higher cost.

Webscale has redefined cloud migration with a new standard for simplicity, predictability and the management of your application. Our auto-provisioning automatically restructures your application to be cloud-ready, making it highly scalable. Webscale deploys, manages and maintains server instances, network components and applications, removing the manual, error-prone aspects of an application lifecycle, and reducing migration time from months to hours.


For e-commerce, the cost of a cyber attack can be very high, both in terms of direct costs through revenue loss and infrastructure usage, as well as the indirect costs attributed to brand loss and the resources it takes to return to business. E-commerce business must have a deep understanding of web application security, threat research, real-time monitoring of application traffic, and writing policies to respond effectively when attacked.

Webscale is the only SaaS solution that uses machine learning across all the sessions that pass through its platform to quickly detect and defend against existing and new security threats, protecting visitors and transactions from the browser, through the Webscale data plane and deep into the application infrastructure. This includes monitoring and analysis as well as detection, mitigation and ongoing protection in real-time.

Application and Infrastructure Control

The ability to control both the cloud resource allocation and the behavior of applications in response to traffic patterns and web requests, is a must-have for e-commerce businesses wanting to truly bridge the gap between their web applications and their use of infrastructure.

Webscale Web and Cloud Controls are simple, yet powerful tools to solve intricate and complex traffic and application problems. The combination of traffic and infrastructure control made possible by Web and Cloud controls is unprecedented, offering simple, yet powerful management of data traffic and application infrastructure.


A common concern amongst e-commerce business owners moving to the public cloud is losing visibility, and subsequently control, of their applications. In particular, managers responsible for the storefront need help with the mission critical elements of their global web presence, detecting issues and deploying controls to ensure they are always fast, secure and available.

Webscale offers a management portal that allows customers to monitor and proactively influence application behavior in real-time. In comparison, other distributed solutions like CDNs or appliance-based ADCs that sit in data centers, have limited visibility of performance at the edge or the infrastructure alone, and can only make reactive decisions.

Disaster Recovery

Round-the-clock availability is key for e-commerce businesses, and a need to be resilient to changes in the cloud provider’s level of service has never been more prominent. When a cloud provider experiences unexpected downtime or an application is unavailable, the ramifications for business can be significant, from damage to brand reputation, to a potential loss of revenue

Webscale is the only SaaS solution that offers complete multi-cloud resiliency and business continuity for critical e-commerce applications. Its portfolio of Multi-Cloud DR services is the first of its kind to focus on the needs of e-commerce, with features designed to get online storefronts back up and running as fast as possible, across zones, regions or clouds



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