Webscale VelocityEDGE

Enhance digital experience with improved ecommerce performance

Webscale VelocityEDGE is a revolutionary website performance software custom-built for ecommerce success. Combining intelligent Varnish Caching at the edge with advanced HTML streaming, it transforms the user experience of online commerce storefronts by enabling faster page response, low latency, higher SEO ranking and greater conversions.

Why Ecommerce Needs Intelligent Edge Caching

Nothing else can effectively illustrate the impact of slow page load on an ecommerce business than a quick math:

If 1,000 customers visit your ecommerce website to buy a $100 product, this could illustrate the potential revenue loss due to poor page speed:

  • Potential revenue at 1-second page load time and 3% conversion rate: $3,000
  • Potential revenue at 2-second page load time and 1.50% conversion rate: $1,500
  • Potential revenue at 3-second page load time and 1% conversion rate: $1,000
  • Potential revenue at 4-second page load time and 0.50% conversion rate: $500

In just 4-seconds, potential revenue has dropped by $2,500 due to highly possible lower conversion rate as page load time increases.

Imagine your online store welcomes 10,000 visitors a day! What if your average order value (AOV) is higher than $100? That’s the revenue impact of poor website performance and the reason why ecommerce businesses should invest in an intelligent edge caching solution combined with advanced HTML streaming.

Introducing Webscale VelocityEDGE

Website speed can be impacted by poor design/build, 3rd party JavaScript and/or global latency. Whatever is the underlying cause, using a combination of Webscale’s global Varnish Cache cloud edge network and cutting-edge HTML streaming capabilities, VelocityEDGE dramatically enhances website performance.

Websites that have implemented VelocityEDGE report faster rendering of rich content, higher SEO ranking and organic traffic, improved user experiences leading to lower bounce rates and cart abandonments, greater conversions, and increased revenue. By combining VelocityEDGE with a CDN, businesses can further improve their website performance, reduce server load, and enhance global content delivery.

VelocityEDGE can be deployed in front of any ecommerce platform, including headless, composable and PWA environments, and on any cloud.


Faster Page Load Times

Implementing Varnish Cache at the edge can result in up to 10x faster page load times. With VelocityEDGE, critical page elements are intelligently cached and delivered, leading to immediate performance enhancements.

Reduced Latency

By optimizing content delivery and leveraging edge caching, VelocityEDGE reduces latency for website visitors, resulting in quicker response times and improved user experiences.

Increased Conversion Rates

Websites with faster load times experience higher conversion rates. With VelocityEDGE’s performance enhancements, digital brands can expect a positive impact on their conversion rates.

Better User Experience

Websites that offer better user experiences, including faster load times and seamless navigation, are more likely to receive favorable search rankings.

Reduced Bounce Rates

With improved page load times and engaging user experiences facilitated by VelocityEDGE, digital brands can reduce bounce rates, contributing to improved SEO rankings.

Higher Click-Through Rates

Faster loading websites attract higher click-through rates (CTR) indicating to search engines that the content is relevant to users, and positively influencing rankings.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is crucial for SEO. VelocityEDGE’s optimization of content delivery ensures seamless mobile experiences, which can lead to improved mobile rankings.

How Does It Work?

VelocityEDGE is deployed on top of any ecommerce platform as a replacement for other website performance point solutions, and alongside a traditional CDN. It involves no complex code changes and can be set up easily.

Features and Capabilities

Intelligent Varnish Caching

Advanced HTML Streaming

Zero-Ops Management

Global Scalability

Intelligent Varnish Caching

Intelligently caches critical page elements at edge locations, reduces origin server requests and delivers content with minimal latency.

Advanced HTML Streaming

Accelerates page render times by streaming essential HTML content to users as it becomes available, providing an instant and engaging browsing experience.

Zero-Ops Management

Webscale’s Intelligent CloudOps platform handles all Varnish Cache operations, version upgrades, and configurations, allowing customers to focus on their core business.

Global Scalability

VelocityEDGE’s edge caching ensures that website content is delivered from the closest server to users worldwide, providing consistent performance across regions.

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Technical Information

HTML Streaming

HTML streaming, a core feature of VelocityEDGE, is an innovative technique that enhances website performance by delivering web page content in a progressive and optimized manner. Here’s how HTML streaming works:

Progressive Rendering
Instead of waiting for the entire web page to load, VelocityEDGE progressively streams essential HTML content to users as it becomes available. This allows the web page to start rendering almost instantly, providing a faster and more engaging user experience.
Optimized Content Prioritization
VelocityEDGE intelligently prioritizes the delivery of critical HTML elements, such as headers, navigation menus, and calls-to-action. These elements are essential for the initial rendering of the page, ensuring that users can start interacting with the website without delay.
Reduced Time to Interactivity
By prioritizing and delivering crucial HTML content early in the loading process, VelocityEDGE significantly reduces the time it takes for the page to become interactive. Users can interact with buttons, forms, and other elements sooner, leading to a seamless browsing experience.
Seamless User Experience
HTML streaming creates a smooth and uninterrupted user experience, even for content-heavy pages. As users scroll and interact with the website, VelocityEDGE continues to stream additional HTML content, ensuring a continuous and engaging browsing experience.
Bandwidth Optimization
With HTML streaming, VelocityEDGE optimizes bandwidth usage by delivering only the necessary HTML elements in the initial response. This efficient use of bandwidth benefits users, especially those on slower internet connections or mobile devices.
Enhanced Mobile Performance
HTML streaming is particularly beneficial for mobile users, as it minimizes the time it takes to load critical content. With faster load times, mobile visitors enjoy improved page responsiveness and overall satisfaction.
Compatibility with Dynamic Content

HTML streaming seamlessly adapts to websites with dynamic or personalized content. Whether the content changes based on user interactions or real-time data, VelocityEDGE ensures that relevant and up-to-date HTML elements are prioritized and delivered promptly.

Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache, a fundamental component of VelocityEDGE, is an open-source HTTP accelerator that sits between the web server and the client, acting as a reverse proxy. Here’s how Varnish Cache works:

Caching Mechanism
Varnish Cache stores copies of web pages, images, CSS, and other static assets in its high-speed memory, known as the cache. When a user requests content from a website, Varnish Cache first checks if the requested content is already stored in its cache.
Fast Content Delivery
If the requested content is available in the cache, Varnish Cache delivers it directly to the user without having to query the origin web server. This significantly reduces the time it takes to retrieve and serve the content, resulting in faster page load times and improved user experiences.
Cache Invalidation
To ensure users receive the most up-to-date content, Varnish Cache employs cache invalidation mechanisms. When content on the origin server is updated or changes, Varnish Cache automatically refreshes the cache for that specific content, ensuring users always access the latest version.
Strategic Caching
Varnish Cache can be configured to cache specific content strategically. It allows website administrators to set cache rules based on URLs, HTTP headers, or cookies. This intelligent caching approach ensures that critical content is cached, while dynamic or personalized content is fetched directly from the origin server.
Load Balancing
Varnish Cache can also perform load balancing across multiple backend servers, distributing user requests to optimize server resource usage and ensure efficient content delivery.
Grace Mode
In the event of backend server failures or temporary unavailability, Varnish Cache can operate in Grace Mode. It serves cached content for a short period, ensuring continued access to critical resources while the origin server is restored.
HTTP Purging
Varnish Cache supports HTTP purging, allowing website administrators to invalidate specific cache entries manually. This enables rapid cache invalidation in response to content updates or changes.
Customization and Configuration

Varnish Cache is highly customizable and can be configured to suit specific website requirements. Website owners can tailor caching policies, rules, and behaviors to optimize cache efficiency and performance.

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My storefront is on a Webscale software plan. Should I still procure VelocityEDGE?

VelocityEDGE is a hyper-performance software for websites and applications. Webscale Base and Advanced software plans come embedded with a basic CDN and Webscale Premier and Ultra software plans come integrated with an advanced CDN. 

VelocityEDGE can be implemented alongside a CDN and/or as a replacement for point solutions addressing website performance to significantly improve page response and overall user experience leading to better SEO, conversion rates and higher revenue. 

My storefront is not hosted by Webscale. Can I deploy VelocityEDGE?

Yes, you can deploy VelocityEDGE whatever the hosting provider you choose – AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, Lumen, Rack Corp, Equinix, or any other.

Can I procure VelocityEDGE? without signing up for a Webscale software plan?

Yes, you are not required to sign up for a Webscale software plan if you do not need it.

Is Support included in VelocityEDGE?

VelocityEDGE comes with a Silver Support package that may be sufficient if you have technical support capability in-house. For more information on Webscale Support packages, click here.

I have deployed a CDN? Does my storefront still need VelocityEDGE?

VelocityEDGE can be implemented alongside a CDN and/or as a replacement for point solutions addressing website performance to significantly improve page response and overall user experience leading to better SEO, conversion rates and higher revenue. 

My storefront is a headless PWA. Can VelocityEDGE work for us?

VelocityEDGE can be deployed in front of any ecommerce platform, including headless, composable and PWA environments.