The CloudFlow Platform:

Supercloud Simplicity-as-a-Service

Our goal is to tame the multi-cloud chaos and allow our users to effortless deliver superior digital services globally, paving the way for a new standard in end-user experience and connected cloud performance

Deliver an ultra-low latency, uninterrupted digital experience without the high costs or complexity of global, multi-cloud operations

CloudFlow enables organizations to efficiently deliver their modern apps and API-first frameworks across multiple cloud providers in various global locations, all managed through a single interface.

It intelligently selects the optimal location for workloads based on user needs and application demands, blending flexibility and ease of management. CloudFlow’s AI-driven automation proactively manages application delivery close to end users while simultaneously optimizing cloud resources for cost-effectiveness, ensuring high performance and minimizing resource wastage.

CloudFlow, under the hood

Interface: User Simplicity at Scale

Launch Projects Quickly

  • Get started with a container image, GitHub repository or Kubernetes cluster

Adaptive Edge Engine Policy Control

  • Let CloudFlow choose the best locations for your application.
  • Set up guard rails for locations, regions, multi-cloud by default, PCI compliance and other custom parameters to meet your business needs

Set up third party integrations for telemetry exporting and IDE

  • Monitoring, logging and Kubernetes IDE

Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE)

Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE) is the transformative powerhouse within the CloudFlow platform, where cutting-edge AI capabilities redefine how applications should be orchestrated across a distributed Supercloud network. AEE is the dynamic, context-aware workload scheduler and traffic-routing genius that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, and control in a multi-cloud computing environment.

Composable Edge Cloud

Composable Edge Cloud (CEC) is Webscale’s revolutionary mesh cloud network that seamlessly integrates a curated selection of industry-leading compute providers. Designed to empower your mission critical applications, CEC is your key to unlocking the ultimate reliability through multi-cloud redundancy, global accessibility and super cloud scalability.

Blog: Redefining Distributed Applications with CloudFlow: Dynamic Endpoint Automation, Cloud Cost Control, and Operational Simplicity


Webscale CloudFlow can seamlessly integrate with third-party tools to gather container metrics and logs, helping business users with application performance management, provisioning, compliance reporting, messaging, and ticketing.

Webscale CloudFlow can talk to your existing tool stack – CI/CD, IT service management (ITSM), infrastructure as code (IaC) and reporting tools via webhook or API, enabling information access in real-time.