100,000+ containers
running globally everyday.

Unlock the Power of Cloud-Native K8s Excellence: CloudFlow is a state-of-the-art Kubernetes orchestration platform that redefines how you manage your containerized applications. We bring cutting-edge AI innovation to the heart of your cloud operations, making Kubernetes not just manageable but truly transformative for organizations aiming for higher performance and lower cloud costs.

Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI)

Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI) offers organizations the capability to manage distributed application workloads across a decentralized cloud edge, essentially treating multiple locations as a unified cluster. Development teams working on Kubernetes applications can maintain their existing tools and workflows, such as kubectl or Helm, while deploying their containers across a highly efficient network capable of spanning multiple clouds, regions, and providers of your design.

Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE)

Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE) is the transformative powerhouse within the CloudFlow platform, where cutting-edge AI capabilities redefine how applications should be orchestrated across a distributed network. AEE is the dynamic, context-aware workload scheduler and traffic-routing genius that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, and control in edge computing environments.

Composable Edge Cloud (CEC)

Composable Edge Cloud (CEC) is Webscale’s revolutionary mesh cloud network that seamlessly integrates a curated selection of industry-leading compute providers. Designed to empower your mission critical applications, CEC is your key to unlocking the ultimate reliability through multi-cloud redundancy, global accessibility and super cloud scalability.

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Webscale CloudFlow can seamlessly integrate with third-party tools to gather container metrics and logs, helping business users with application performance management, provisioning, compliance reporting, messaging, and ticketing.

Webscale CloudFlow can talk to your existing tool stack – CI/CD, IT service management (ITSM), infrastructure as code (IaC) and reporting tools via webhook or API, enabling information access in real-time.