Customer Success Stories

  • “With Webscale, we didn’t see any slow down on the site, and we met every customer demand during the largest sale in Kuru’s history.”

    Kuru Footwear

  • “We were watching our traffic rise. I emailed Webscale, and got a response in minutes. Our traffic tripled that day, our biggest day ever.”

    Trumpet & Horn

  • “We carry 3-5 Million SKUs. In a recent promotion, we processed 100-200 checkouts per minute, thanks to Webscale.”


  • “Webscale allows us to failover from one cloud to another within 60 minutes, vs half a day or more in the past.”

    Event Network

  • “In a recent promotion we hit ten checkouts per second, selling out in minutes, all while maintaining site performance and response time.”