AI-Enabled K8s
Management Platform

Accelerate Application Performance.

Accelerate Application Performance.

Optimize Cloud Cost.

Simplify Cloud Operations.


Accelerate application performance by 35% by intelligently delivering containers closer to end-users. CloudFlow uses advanced location optimization to deploy the containers, reduces latency and ensures faster response times for end-users.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cut cloud expenses by up to 50% by leveraging AI-driven cluster and pod autoscaling, location optimization, and cost-aware workload scheduling. Control your cloud spending with CloudFlow and redirect your savings towards innovation and growth.

ZeroOps Kubernetes

Reduce Kubernetes operations by 40% by automating critical cluster management tasks and optimizing engineering overhead. CloudFlow’s platform-driven automations ensure ZeroOps so you can refocus your resources on application development.

Bullet-proof Security

Ensure 100% protection from the edge to the origin with advanced AI-led security features. The CloudFlow platform is SOC2 Type II, PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant, so your customers’ personal and financial data is safe from all threats.

Unified Application Performance and
Cloud Cost Optimization Platform

A scalable, and secure solution for deploying and managing containerized applications on public, private or multi-cloud infrastructure. 

Designed as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) to run high-performing applications at the lowest cost by proactively monitoring compute resource utilization and automatically rightsizing infrastructure.

Purpose built to enable businesses to optimize cloud-agnostic application delivery in dense containerized environments. 

Webscale CloudFlow combines three core patented technologies: Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI) for simplified container management, Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE) for AI-enabled workload placement, and an available Composable Edge Cloud (CEC) for scalable compute capacity across the cloud vendors of your choice.

Our study revealed that CloudFlow enhances application performance, reduces cloud cost and eliminates K8s operational complexity

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