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OpenMage Cloud Delivery Plans

Cloud delivery plans for ecommerce merchants on OpenMage LTS for Magento 1

OpenMage is a community-supported fork of Magento CE. Merchants migrating to OpenMage can rely on Webscale’s security-focused cloud delivery platform to keep their applications safe, scalable and blazing fast.


Flexible Schedule

Stay on OpenMage or take your time to get to M2. Webscale allows merchants to upgrade on their schedule, not Adobe’s

Reduced TCO

Save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs related to site redesign and re-platforming initiatives

Managed Security

Webscale’s security stack constantly monitors, identifies, and proactively protects against potential cyber-threats

Fast, Always-On

100% uptime and blazing fast performance for your OpenMage storefront, without the need for premium CDNs

Webscale OpenMage Plans

Plan Summary

  • 100K – 500K visitors per month
  • 1 production application cluster
  • 1 Cron/NFS single server
  • 1 integrated staging/development application cluster
  • Optional PWA deployment
  • Elastic Data Plane (including Proxy, WAF, Load Balancer)
  • HA Architecture
  • Webscale Portal Access
  • Daily Backup
  • 24x7x365 email support with 15-minute response time SLA for critical incidents
  • Additional SaaS Functions

SaaS Functions


  • Cloud Load Balancer
  • Predictive Application Auto-Scaling
  • Self-Healing Infrastructure
  • Application Backup
  • Custom Maintenance Mode
  • Rate Limiting

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  • Cloud WAF
  • OWASP Protection
  • Application-specific WAF Rules
  • DDoS Shield Mode
  • Web Controls
  • Address Sets
  • CSP Monitoring
  • Malware Scanners

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  • Cloud CDN
  • HTTP/2
  • Cache Control
  • Content Optimization
  • TLS Offload
  • Dynamic Site Cache

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Plan Summary

  • B2B or B2C
  • Custom visitor counts per month
  • 1 or more application
  • Optional PWA deployment
  • Dedicated Elastic Data Plane (including Proxy, WAF, Load Balancer)
  • HA Architecture
  • Webscale Portal Access
  • 24x7x365 Premium Support with 15-minute response time SLA for critical incidents


Cloud Security Suite

A 360-degree security solution that provides the ecommerce industry’s most robust protection against attacks from the frontend through web traffic, malicious code inserted into the backend, or from browsers executing scripts stealing sensitive information.

Cloud Application Testing

A synthetic test run across any staging or cloned production site, hosted in any cloud provider or on-premise data center to simulate end user patterns and shopping behavior on the application, while measuring the site’s responsiveness and overall performance.

Cloud Bot Manager

A cloud-native security solution powered by machine learning, which monitors the behavior of all bots accessing any web-based application, identifies anomalous activity, and takes the necessary action to prevent disruption.

Cloud Image Manager

A multi-cloud SaaS solution that offers a one-stop, automated image optimization and management solution for merchants, ensuring online buyers receive the right image for their specific device, every time, and always from the cache closest to the end user.


See what separates Webscale from the rest, and take a deep dive into the technologies we deliver to enable 100% uptime, powerful application-aware security and blazing performance.


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