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Oracle Commerce Cloud Products

Powerful edge solutions for ecommerce merchants on Oracle Commerce

Oracle Commerce is an ecommerce solution widely used by enterprises and mid-sized businesses. With Webscale edge products delivering performance, security and DevOps functionality in Oracle Cloud, they are a natural fit for Oracle Commerce applications.

Webscale CloudEDGE Products for Oracle Commerce

CloudEDGE Security

Comprehensive security at the traffic edge, alongside traditional CDNs and WAFs, and on top of any third-party hosted ecommerce platform, using automation and analytics to protect web applications.

CloudEDGE Application Testing

A synthetic test run across any staging or cloned production site, hosted in any cloud provider or on-premise data center to simulate end user patterns and shopping behavior on the application, while measuring the site’s responsiveness and overall performance.

CloudEDGE Bot Manager

A cloud-native security solution powered by machine learning, which monitors the behavior of all bots accessing any web-based application, identifies anomalous activity, and takes the necessary action to prevent disruption.

CloudEDGE Image Manager

A multi-cloud SaaS solution that offers a one-stop, automated image optimization and management solution for merchants, ensuring online buyers receive the right image for their specific device, every time, and always from the cache closest to the end user.


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