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Webscale Cloud Bot Manager

Next-generation bot management solution, powered by machine learning

Webscale Cloud Bot Manager offers complete protection against the threat of malicious bots. A cloud-native security solution, Webscale Cloud Bot Manager monitors the behavior of bots accessing any web-based application, identifies anomalous activity, and takes the appropriate action. The identification of good and bad bots is automated and occurs in real-time.

Protect your Online
Storefront from:

Account Takeover: Bots can steal customers’ identity or credit card information, leading to a loss of buyer confidence and brand reputation.

Payment and Credit Card Fraud: After stealing credit card information, bots can be used to buy products online and have them shipped globally, or resell the information to organized crime rings.

Checkout Abuse and Inventory Buyout: Bots can deplete inventory levels of popular items, without executing purchase transactions, or buy and sell them on another site at higher prices.

DDoS Attack: Bots can cause DDoS attacks, which can result in a slowdown of your site, or worse still, downtime.

Content and Price Scraping: Scraping bots can acquire inventory and pricing information from your site to secure an unfair competitive advantage.

Digital Ad Fraud: Bots can click your digital (PPC) ads and waste precious marketing dollars.


Instant Attack Detection

Webscale Cloud Bot Manager uses a combination of techniques to detect malicious bot attacks. These techniques include IP reputation-based filtering, user agent based identification, behavioral analysis based on machine learning (by tracking suspicious activity and behavior over time and across multiple accounts), anomaly patterns, browser tests (using JavaScript execution), and classification. Suspect behavior is dynamically added to the relevant Address Set to determine the appropriate action.

Real-time Bot Mitigation

All bots should not receive the same response in the form of a block. Once identified, bad bots can either be blocked proactively or, in the case of search crawlers, managed appropriately after they access the application. Cloud Bot Manager challenges suspect bots to prove they are human, and administrators can then drop requests, delay responses, avoid scripts or limit suspicious sessions (rate limiting) to use the right amount of capacity. Scrapers can also be sent to an alternate backend or a site with inaccurate information or pricing.

Bot IP Directory

Webscale leverages a Bot IP directory, a dynamic database of approximately 10 million dangerous IPs updated every five minutes, powered by the Webroot BrightCloud® IP Reputation Service. Cloud Bot Manager matches incoming web request IPs against this directory to identify and if desired, manage or block threats before they reach the application origin.

Intelligent Caching

Webscale’s Dynamic Site Cache is automatically deployed close to the application backend, and enables caching of the entire website, or a subset of it. When trusted, good bots are requesting pages, these can be delivered from the cache without accessing the backend, improving performance by ensuring available capacity at the application backend for real human visitors.

Real-time Reporting, Monitoring and Management

Webscale’s portal provides full visibility into bot traffic and offers proactive controls to prevent damage to the application or brand. A centralized management interface deeply integrated with website infrastructure enables users, of all skill levels, to analyze traffic and combat attacks. Reports can be generated to troubleshoot bot activity and understand the effect of bots on performance and infrastructure usage.

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Features and Functionality

Sophisticated bots often mimic real humans or good bots. Webscale Cloud Bot Manager applies machine learning techniques to analyze traffic behavior, enabling the identification of suspect/bad bots.

Malicious bot attacks can result in significant loss of brand, revenue, and customer loyalty. Secure your business from account takeovers, payment and credit card fraud, checkout abuse, inventory buyout, DDoS attacks, content and price scraping, and digital ad fraud.

Validating human behavior, by issuing challenges, reveals bots with suspect intentions. Constantly refining these challenges allows for more consistently accurate identification of malicious bots, minimizing disruption to real users.

Validating that bots identifying as good bots, such as Google bots, are real allows you to cache traffic so they can be served faster and outside the infrastructure. This filtering of bot traffic opens up capacity to improve performance for real humans accessing the application.

Bot traffic consumes unnecessary computational power and causes scaling of infrastructure. Webscale Cloud Bot Manager improves the efficiency of the application infrastructure by offloading bot traffic. This leads to more efficient infrastructure usage, lower spend, and a better user experience, including faster page load times for real visitors.

Webscale Cloud Bot Manager is programmable through Web Controls with customizable actions, all available in an easy, user-friendly DIY format through the Webscale portal. A single DNS change is all it takes to deploy the solution, unless traffic is already flowing through the Webscale platform, in which case no changes are required. Webscale Cloud Bot Manager can also be deployed within a customer’s cloud infrastructure in the form of a dedicated data plane to satisfy performance, security and manageability needs in enterprise use cases.

How it Works


Webscale Cloud Bot Manager can be deployed in seconds with a simple DNS change. In cases where traffic is already flowing through the Webscale platform, zero changes are required to activate Webscale Cloud Bot Manager.


Get full visibility into the different types of bot traffic through the real-time traffic viewer. Troubleshoot bot activity and understand the effect of bots on performance and infrastructure usage.

Manage and Secure

Protect your application infrastructure from malicious bots with customizable actions such as dropping requests, delaying responses, redirecting to an alternate site or backend, limiting suspicious sessions, and more, through Web Controls.

What our Customers are Saying

“We’ve had zero downtime and much faster site performance on Webscale than we did with our previous managed hosting provider. Webscale has been instrumental in helping us get through the holiday season.”

Andrew Savage

Chief Operating Officer, Dolls Kill

“One of the reasons we went with Webscale was for the support. They even made suggestions on changes to Magento – they can handle anything. It’s like having a couple of extra team members. Since switching to Webscale, our site has been running much faster and we’ve had zero downtime.”

Jesse Thomas

Web/eCommerce Manager, Skate One Corp



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