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by | Aug 29, 2016


Jay lives in the mountains outside of Boulder with his wife and three kids. He loves to cook and chase bears with his dog Ginger. When not chasing bears, Jay works with a talented group of friends building Webscale.

Hi! I’m Jay, co-founder and CTO of Webscale—welcome to the CTO Corner.

As someone that’s lived and breathed Webscale for the last four years, I’m pretty close to what makes us special as a company. But in reality, there’s a lot that we do “under the hood” that’s pretty hard to grok, especially when you’re not in the weeds like we are.

So, in this new section of the blog, I’m going to go into a little more detail on our technology (and the jargon) that we use, and explain what it really means to you, the business owner.

First off though, let me spend a minute to give you the 10,000 foot view of the Webscale solution.

At its core, Webscale develops, and sells, a cloud-based Application Delivery Controller`, often referred to as an ADC. This ADC is the brains, if you will, of our web application delivery platform. We deliver our ADC as a service to our customers. We’re not a box you have to plug in, nor are we software you need to install.

The ADC can be confusing to business owners—they often wonder why they need it suggesting that they have never had one in the past so why now? Of course, we tend to hear these concerns all while their e-commerce websites continue to suffer long outages and unexplained slow-downs. Sometimes it helps to think of the ADC as a conductor for your web application. Just as in an orchestra, the conductor helps all of the different pieces stay in tune playing the right notes at the right time to ensure that the audience has a great experience. Now think about this in relation to your web application, which might be Magento, WordPress, Ruby on Rails etc. It has many more moving parts, each requiring special attention to ensure your website stays fast, scalable, resilient to outages, secure and easy to manage.

Unlike anything else you will have used before, Webscale’s unique, patented technology gives you complete control over your web application, allowing you to focus on running your business—not your infrastructure.

We’ve developed a short series of videos that go through our platform, feature by feature, and explain what they do. To follow on our theme here, our first short video features a more detailed explanation of the cloud-based ADC, as well as yours truly and my trusty whiteboard!

Hope you enjoy it, and please check back again soon for more explainer videos on our technology.

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