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[Infographic]: The State of Ecommerce Infrastructure 2019

[Infographic]: The State of Ecommerce Infrastructure 2019

  • By Andrew Humber |
The Cyber Weekend of last year was the biggest one ever in U.S. ecommerce history, with online shopping spend increasing to more than $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday and over $7.4 billion on Black Friday, an increase of almost 20% compared to 2018. However, downtime and cyber-attacks continued to plague ecommerce merchants, more than in 2018, even as they made significant improvements in terms of their website performance infrastructure.

We conducted a survey of 450+ ecommerce professionals to analyze how their businesses planned for and fared during the 2019 holiday season, in terms of revenues, growth, page load speeds, downtime, and cybersecurity. The survey also investigated how they felt about their current hosting infrastructure, top challenges, and infrastructure solutions they would like to invest in.

We compiled our findings into our 2019 State of Ecommerce Infrastructure report. You can download the complete report here for more insights. For now, please enjoy and share the infographic below:

State of E-commerce Infrastructure 2019 - An Infographic

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