Webscale is an Adobe Accelerate Partner – what that means for merchants.

by | Mar 3, 2023

Adrian Luna

Adrian, a connoisseur of coffee, cloud and commerce (typically in that order), was born and raised in the Alamo City. When he’s away from his virtual desk as Webscale’s Head of Global Partnerships, he is father of 4, husband of 1 and still a coffee connoisseur.

If you’re reading this, Webscale is officially an Adobe Exchange Partner at the Accelerate level.

Of course, this is big news for Webscale but arguably bigger news for our fellow Adobe Solution Provider partners. Webscale’s entry into the Adobe Exchange further showcases our commitment to the digital experience market as a formidable Intelligent Cloud Ops platform and managed service provider.

For years, Webscale and Adobe have operated in parallel on the launch of countless ecommerce projects working toward the same goal, yet without a direct collaboration. Now, the sum of our coextensive efforts come together to help B2B and B2C merchants around the globe innovate and accelerate their digital vision.

Webscale’s unique path to this partnership began from the brilliant engineering of our flagship SaaS platform which focused primarily on intelligent application delivery, while also managing cloud environments at scale. Through routine advancements based on market demand, our full suite of SaaS offerings can now also be deployed as an enterprise level security solution, and a front end delivery service to support merchants on Adobe Commerce, cloud or on-prem.

In this modern commerce market, Webscale delivers on our promise to provide merchants the power to compute and secure traffic at the edge, while simultaneously leaning on a team of commerce experts, with direct Adobe experience, to resolve issues before they become a nuisance for the back-end platform. It’s quite simple. Build something unique in support of a leading platform. Treat every client with the utmost care. Innovate, iterate and improve.

Why would a hosting provider be accepted into the Adobe Exchange for Experience Cloud? 

This one is easy. Webscale is NOT a hosting company. Little do people remember that Webscale launched in 2013 as an SaaS ADC (Application Delivery Controller), and only after we received a myriad of requests to fully host Magento applications were hosting options added to the product portfolio. Make no mistake about it, Webscale is a cutting edge SaaS platform at its core with an embedded cloud MSP super power.

The ability to host presentation layer, middleware, custom app integrations or a full monolith gives us the freedom to flaunt our flexibility, but it’s our SaaS delivered observability and security that puts Webscale in an undisputed echelon of service providers to complement Adobe Commerce. To date, Webscale and the Adobe Solution Partners in our network have launched and supported a number of clients using Adobe Experience Cloud solutions like Commerce and AEM. The value of granular edge traffic visibility, programmability and control has resonated with merchants looking for immediate mitigation of security threats and overall faster time to resolution for common support issues.

Simply put, you can’t adequately control or secure what you can’t see, and Webscale’s Intelligent Cloud Ops Platform adds a level of insight into traffic that can effectively eliminate long lasting ticket threads that cause frustration and hamper business growth. Ultimately, the platform’s focus on ecommerce security helps businesses to implement security best practices and ensure that their Adobe Commerce sites are secure and compliant with industry regulations.

By combining Adobe Commerce and Webscale’s cloud-edge platform, businesses can create secure and reliable ecommerce sites that provide a fast and engaging user experience. This can help to increase customer trust, reduce cart abandonment rates, and drive revenue growth.

Now what? 

For those Adobe integrators who already work with Webscale, this announcement brings a level of validation that Webscale’s SaaS delivered lineup of enterprise security and PWA delivery products are an industry leading augmentation to the Adobe Commerce platform. Webscale’s proof of concept phase is long gone. Our fusion of SaaS technology and managed services support is proven. Adobe Commerce deployments deserve to be fortified with intelligent protection at the edge and granted access to real-time insights into traffic data. It’s winning time for everyone in our ecosystem.

Markets shift, buyer expectations evolve and the next generation of digital commerce is upon us, but one thing remains constant. Adobe continues to be recognized as an industry leader and has been substantiated as such by Gartner for the 6th consecutive year. Webscale is proud to have built its brand in the Magento, now Adobe, market. Our mission remains the same – to transform the way ecommerce businesses monitor, optimize and secure their online storefronts, allowing merchants to make intelligent, data-driven decisions; to create a safer, more engaging user experience for their customers; and to increase conversions and brand loyalty.

Together, we look forward to elevating the positioning of Adobe’s content and commerce deployments for integrators across the globe, and accelerating the industry’s transition to modern commerce.

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