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Optimize site performance & reliability with modernized workflows and automation

For ecommerce merchants, the journey to digital transformation is complete – the challenge today is digital acceleration, and scaling their business in the cloud. Customer expectations are evolving and the rapid adoption of modern technologies is essential to create unique digital experiences for end users. The Webscale platform’s intuitive automation tools enable seamless deployments of site content, improving ecommerce site acceleration, and dramatically simplifying the daily management of storefronts.

Is your ecommerce infrastructure losing you sales?

No in-house expertise to re-architect the ecommerce application for the cloud? Manual provisioning and deployments leading to errors and downtime? Poor Core Web Vitals impacting search visibility and organic traffic? Losing your head over going headless? Let Webscale migrate, deploy, manage and maintain your storefront, while you focus on growing the business.

Key Capabilities

Cloud Migration, Code Deployments and CI/CD

DevOps best practices for simple cloud migration & management; fast, zero-downtime deployments

Changing your cloud service provider? Moving from self to managed service? Do you have the inhouse expertise to re-architect your application environment to unlock the full potential of the cloud?

  • Ensure one-click deployments/upgrades with zero downtime
  • Avoid errors during deployments with easy rollback mechanisms
  • Enable quick deployments through containers and CI/CD integrations with leading code repositories

Edge Deployments

Compute-at-the-edge for custom commerce needs

Modern commerce architectures must be as close to the user as possible to deliver a flawless user experience.

  • Webscale delivers powerful, flexible compute capabilities at the edge to enable virtually any ecommerce use case.
  • Deep programmability and rapid deployment of services through serverless or containerized delivery at the edge
  • Commerce-friendly front end optimization reduces requests and minimizes content for faster loads

Predictive Auto-scaling and Reliability

Right-sized infrastructure for always-available storefronts

Worried about downtime caused by unexpected traffic during a sale, or a viral unplanned event? Over-spending on bloated hosting infrastructure to avoid downtime?

  • Webscale’s predictive auto-scaling gets ahead of demand, ensuring 100% availability and fast, responsive storefronts
  • Right-sizes infrastructure, preventing over-allocation of resources and increased spend

“Since going live with Webscale, our site has reported a remarkable increase in engagement and conversion – page load time decreased 70%, pageviews increased 15% and conversions grew by more than 19%”

The Webscale CDN for Ecommerce

Boost Core Web Vitals and performance

The demands of modern commerce—from industry-beating Core Web Vitals to the rapid deployment of services around security, headless and PWA environments—have created a need for new edge platforms to enable these varied use cases, and not all are created equal.

  • The deeply programmable Webscale CDN for ecommerce has been designed around the needs of storefronts, offering superior flexibility, while minimizing latency
  • Minimize load on origin, data egress, and operational overhead; address security from the edge, to the origin

Check your site’s Core Web Vitals

Performance and Core Web Vitals

Increase conversions and safeguard search rankings

Improving your storefront’s Core Web Vitals scores translates into a better user experience for consumers, higher conversion rates and improved Google Search rankings.

  • Accelerate page load with automated image optimization and Dynamic Site Cache, reducing the load on your application servers
  • Track and report important page load metrics with Webscale RUM, and leverage simple software to address any issues impacting scores

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My storefront is hosted on AWS/GCP/Azure and I have access to their tools - why do I need Webscale?

If you do not have CloudOps and DevOps capability in-house or at your digital agency, then managing cloud infrastructure and ensuring seamless deployments of new content can be very challenging. You can retain your individual cloud account and leverage our in-house managed services team to maintain your cloud infrastructure, or you can take advantage of our hosting add-on services for a single monthly bill.

Hosting with Webscale goes far beyond traditional providers. The Webscale One software platform changes the way ecommerce businesses monitor, optimize and secure their online storefronts allowing merchants to make intelligent, data-driven decisions; to create a safer, more engaging user experience for their customers; and to increase conversions and brand loyalty.

Can Webscale work for any ecommerce backend platform?

Webscale is ecommerce platform agnostic, with broad support for virtually any ecommerce platform, including Magento Open Source, WooCommerce, Shopware, Drupal and others.

Webscale’s analytics, performance and security software can be layered over any hosted ecommerce application as well. So that covers Adobe Commerce, Big Commerce, Shopware, Shopify, Oracle Commerce, SAP Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and HCL Commerce.

Can Webscale work for my headless/PWA build?

Yes, Webscale enables the simple and efficient management of all the infrastructure pieces needed to deliver a headless frontend or PWA, while increasing the security, performance, and uptime of the overall application.

Can I pick and choose capabilities I need like CDN and/or Security and/or Analytics or are all of these bundled together?

These capabilities are bundled into our software plans to suit ecommerce businesses of all size and scale. Webscale offers pre-configured software plans (Base, Advanced, Premier & Ultra) with features (analytics, security, & performance optimization) and production environment included for Base customers and production and dev environments included for customers on other plans choosing to add on hosting. Merchants can choose any software plan that suits their business needs.

Will Webscale provide cloud hosting? Can I choose the provider or do you have a preferred CSP?

Yes, Webscale provides public cloud hosting as an add-on service across any cloud service provider. The Webscale Base software plan comes embedded with cloud hosting.

I have already subscribed to a CDN service. Why do I need to pay for Webscale’s CDN capability?

Webscale software plans come with pre-bundled features including CDN (Advanced, Premier & Ultra).

While all CDNs help accelerate page performance, they are not custom built to address the demands of modern commerce – from industry-beating Core Web Vitals to the rapid deployment of services around security, headless and PWA environments.

I have already subscribed to a security solution. Why do I need to pay for Webscale’s security capability?

Webscale software plans come with pre-bundled security features.

Most ecommerce businesses rely on their public cloud service provider’s security and/or sign up for a basic WAF (Web Application Firewall) – a “front-door” security solution that leaves the “back-doors” open. Modern commerce is being targeted by complex and evolving threats that demand real-time enterprise-grade security. With omnichannel commerce, the perimeter is ever expanding with numerous touchpoints, and third party integrations, all opening up new and unknown vulnerabilities.

Webscale’s security stack has been purpose-built for ecommerce and leverages AL/ML-led automation and deep analytics to protect checkouts and storefronts from sophisticated attacks: form jacking (Magecart), bots & scrapers, access breaches, DDoS attacks, broken access control, cryptographic failures, injection (SQL and XSS) and server-side request forgery (SSRF).

I have already subscribed to a monitoring solution. Why do I need to pay for Webscale Analytics?

Webscale software plans come with pre-bundled analytics features (Advanced, Premier & Ultra).

Monitoring solutions available in the market today are point solutions gathering and reporting one or few metrics like user experience or cloud infrastructure or web analytics.

The Webscale Portal is the ecommerce industry’s most intelligent observability tool. It brings together end user experience, edge analytics, security analytics, application analytics, event analytics, and business analytics on a single pane of glass. Merchants can make informed business decisions backed by intelligence and insights.

Why is Webscale Support a separate cost?

All Webscale software plans come with the Webscale Silver Support package. In addition to that, Webscale offers two more support packages – Gold and Platinum – for merchants requiring various levels of support from faster troubleshooting and advanced infrastructure monitoring to dedicated assistance in the day-to-day management and optimization of their storefronts. Webscale also offers several Add-on Services, including DevOps Support, Code & Infrastructure Reviews, Application Load Testing, and Cloud Hosting.

I have a digital agency / in-house developer team. Do I still need to buy a Support package from Webscale?

If your digital agency or in-house developer team is able to manage deployments and troubleshooting of website and cloud infrastructure issues, then Silver Support (included in all Webscale software plans) would suffice. However, if the agency or dev team needs quicker assistance and/or ongoing DevOps or SRE services, then you may want to consider an upgraded Support Package (Gold/Platinum) and/or Add-on Services.

I do not have a digital agency or in-house developer team. Can Webscale design and develop an ecommerce application for me?

Webscale does not undertake design and development of ecommerce applications but collaborates with an ecosystem of 150+ digital agency partners. We are happy to make an introduction if needed. Request an introduction.

I am not sure if I can manage with self-service or need to go for managed services. How can you help me decide?

You are not alone. Many merchants face a similar dilemma. Hence we have created this comparison chart that can help you decide. If you still need help, reach out to us.

Does Webscale charge for cloud migration?

Yes, we have a one-time migration fee on all software plans. Contact us for pricing.

What level of cost predictability can Webscale assure?

One of the distinct advantages of working with Webscale is the predictability of charges related to cloud hosting and data transfer. If you choose to host with Webscale, and leverage our analytics tools, you can replace several providers and standardize on a single bill. We also provide real-time monitoring and alerting so customers are informed of any unexpected increase in their data transfer limits.