Webscale Partners with MageMontreal

Partner Overview

At Magemontreal, they do everything Magento – design, development, maintenance, training, support, debugging or specialized hosting. Magemontreal differentiates itself in the Magento ecosystem by delivering quality ecommerce websites and providing great customer service. Since their genesis in 2007, they’ve grown a portfolio filled with satisfied clients who have used their services as a specialized Magento web development and design agency. Their skilled and talented Magento developers and web designers are dedicated, well-trained, and experienced professionals, providing the highest quality of Magento designs for all ecommerce, branding, marketing, and website needs. For more information, please visit www.magemontreal.com.

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Webscale + MageMontreal

Joint Magemontreal and Webscale customers will benefit from a fully-managed cloud delivery platform, offering predictive auto-scaling and disaster recovery for highly available infrastructure, flexible cloud deployment options in any public cloud provider around the globe, and comprehensive 360-degree security for protection against the latest cyber threats. In addition, all customer projects are powered by Webscale’s 24x7x365 DevSecOps support team of certified cloud and ecommerce experts, as well as have access to the Webscale Customer Portal which offers unmatched visibility and insights into traffic, events, security policies, user experience, and more.

“When it comes to scalability, in contrast to the other Magento hosting providers, Webscale offers true predictive auto-scaling on both their AWS servers and their own private hosting network. This means that Webscale’s servers will automatically scale up with your business and website when needed, allowing merchants the peace of mind that their server will never run out of resources.”

Guillaume Le Tual
CEO and Founder