Intelligent CloudOps for Modern Commerce

Intelligent CloudOps leverages advanced technologies to automate and optimize cloud operations, and provides deep visibility and actionable insights enabling continuous optimization. This approach significantly enhances an ecommerce merchant’s ability to modernize the management and maintenance of their cloud infrastructure and applications, leading to improved efficiency, reliability, and cost savings while ensuring better customer experience and uptick in revenue through increased availability, performance and security for their digital storefront.

8 Reasons Ecommerce Businesses are Pivoting Towards Intelligent CloudOps


With Intelligent CloudOps, basic visibility matures to deep observability. Automation, AI and ML deliver actionable insights for merchants and their developer teams to make data-driven decisions on where to optimize and secure their infrastructure, and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Comprehensive security

Intelligent CloudOps, along with managed security services, leverages automation and deep analytics to create a real-time security blanket, from the origin to the edge, by proactively monitoring, detecting, diagnosing and mitigating complex threats.

Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)

Intelligent CloudOps enables one-click containerized deployments, microservices at the edge, zero-downtime blue-green deployments, fully managed CI/CD processes to build, test and release code, and codifying the cloud infrastructure for efficient management.

Increased reliability

An Intelligent CloudOps strategy can improve the reliability of cloud-based systems by incorporating key elements of a well-architected framework. A well-architected CloudOps model is built to succeed, planned for disaster, and makes no assumptions about trust when it comes to security.

Faster time to market

By automating routine tasks such as deployment, testing, and monitoring, an Intelligent CloudOps strategy can remove the need for manual intervention, improving the speed of new code releases.


CloudOps allows businesses to scale their infrastructure and cloud-based services up or down as needed based on traffic. Intelligent CloudOps automates this process, so businesses can focus on their customer experience and revenue without worrying about downtime and/or slow site speed.

High availability

With Intelligent CloudOps, applications are architected with N+1 redundancy, and split across two or more availability zones to ensure application uptime even during cloud provider outages.


Intelligent CloudOps automates the laborious processes around scale up/down to ensure an “always optimized” cloud infrastructure leading to significant savings in terms of infrastructure and personnel costs.

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Intelligent CloudOps for Modern Commerce

Intelligent CloudOps vs Traditional Hosting

Traditional Hosting
Intelligent CloudOps


  • Limited visibility into traffic, cloud infrastructure and user experience
  • Deep observability and analytics for data-driven decision making
  • Real-time actionable insights on UX, security, application performance, admin & code changes, CDN-delivered traffic and business impact

Customer Data

  • Legacy WAF offering limited security moat from common threats
  • Reactive approach with little to no intuitive security management
  • 360-degree protection from the origin to the edge
  • Protection from complex threats like carding attacks, malware and skimmers
  • OWASP Top 10 protection
  • DIY rules & policy engine to quickly address security and performance issues
  • Advanced rate limiting configurable for different parts of a site, along with configurable blocking periods
  • Proactive security management for policy improvement, monitoring, detection, diagnosis & real-time alerting


  • Basic CDN with limited programmability
  • CDN for ecommerce & Edge Workers
  • Dynamic Site Cache to reduce the load on application servers to a fraction of what it would otherwise be.
  • Automated image management to ensure online buyers receive the right image for their specific device, every time, and ideally always from the cache closest to the end user
  • Real User Monitoring for ensuring industry-beating Core Web Vitals


  • Accommodates flexible deployments but not scalable
  • Cost inefficiencies due to inability to right-size infrastructure, time consuming & error prone manual processes
  • Highly scalable leveraging the inherent scalability and flexibility of the cloud
  • Powers flexible software architecture models: Monolith, Headless, Composable, & PWA
  • Ease of integration with SaaS, API-first technologies Highly cost efficient due to right-sized infrastructure; automation leading to faster time to market


  • Virtual machines and dedicated environments
  • Manual DevOps processes
  • Reactive approach
  • Unplanned downtime unavoidable
  • Time consuming
  • Error prone
  • Cost inefficient
  • Tech-enabled Managed Services that redefine the maintenance and ongoing management of storefronts
  • Quick containerized deployments (Dockers & Kubernetes) with zero downtime
  • Enables microservices at the edge facilitating a “best of breed” approach
  • Zero-downtime one-click Blue-Green deployments
  • Self-remediation & self-healing servers
  • Managed CI-CD (automates the build, test & release of code) integrated with all leading code repositories
  • Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) – automates cloud infrastructure management leading to zero errors
  • Application testing to ensure UX on the site is not impacted by the traffic
  • AI/M-led automation
  • Proactive approach where issues are identified and fixed even before they impact the business

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Intelligent CloudOps Success: 
SaaS Technology + Specialized Managed Services

Merchants have to ensure their digital platforms are always responsive, available, and reliable. Only then can they satisfy the basic expectation of today’s online consumers – a seamless and personalized digital experience. In a traditional hosting environment riddled with slow, manual and inefficient processes, that is cumbersome. Intelligent CloudOps was designed to meet this expectation.

SaaS technology in isolation cannot accomplish an optimum digital experience. An expert-led support and managed services team is necessary to effectively detect potential issues before they occur, and automate responses to improve service quality. By doing so, merchants put themselves in a better position to make data driven improvements to their customer experience, enhance user engagement, and ultimately increase revenue.

Webscale’s mission is to change the way ecommerce businesses monitor, optimize and secure their online storefronts allowing merchants to make intelligent, data-driven decisions; to create a safer, more engaging user experience for their customers; and to increase conversions and brand loyalty.

Webscale One is an Intelligent CloudOps Platform that combines our intelligent SaaS tech stack with our highly specialized Support and Managed Services to provide ecommerce merchants with a well architected digital commerce infrastructure for their online storefronts. Webscale One provides a robust suite of software, built on top of CloudFlow, our AI-driven K8s Management Platform, and backed by a managed services team with deep ecommerce and multi-cloud expertise, together simplifying the most complex challenges faced by merchants in the cloud, including migration, optimization, automated deployments, agility, security, TCO and daily management.