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Video Testimonials

How Dolls Kill Sustains 100% Uptime, Blazing Fast Performance,
and Hyper-Growth with Webscale

How Webscale Helped SkateOne Win with
Site Uptime, Performance and Support

How HYLETE Went from a Black Box to the World`s
Most Scalable Hosting Infrastructure

How Skinit Achieved 100% Uptime and
Blazing Fast Performance with Webscale

How Event Network’s 100+ Stores Stay up and Secure through
the Holiday Seasons with Webscale

How OnCourse Learning improved page speed and
uptime with Webscale

How Kuru Footwear Ensures Site Uptime and Performance during
their Sales Events with Webscale

Case Studies

Reports significant improvement in website performance, and Core Web Vitals scores with the Webscale CloudEDGE CDN


Enjoys blazing-fast page speed, comprehensive security and rapid expert support like never before.


Benefits from total visibility into infrastructure and traffic offered by the Webscale Portal, and expert 24×7 DevSecOps support.


Relies on Webscale for predictive auto-scaling, secure hosting, superfast page performance and round the clock support.


Registers consistent growth in business thanks to Webscale’s highly defined DevOps workflows, Magento expertise and secure fully managed cloud delivery.


Enjoys substantial improvement in site speed and rapid support with deep visibility to identify and resolve issues on a timely basis. 


Enjoys limitless scalability, timely support round the clock and rational infrastructure cost whatever the growth in business.


Leverages Webscale’s support team of cloud and ecommerce experts to act as their extended DevOps team.


Ensures peak traffic movie release events are managed flawlessly thanks to timely support and auto-scaling technology from Webscale.


Went from opaque deployments and unexpected downtime to complete visibility and control over code release and high availability.


Achieves zero downtime Black Friday/Cyber Monday events two years in a row thanks to predictive auto-scaling by Webscale.


Benefits from cloud infrastructure that uses automation to scale and cater to large traffic spikes, ensuring availability.


Ego Shoes Logo

EGO Shoes benefits from cloud infrastructure that uses automation to scale and cater to large traffic spikes triggered by viral events, ensuring zero site outages.


Ego Shoes Logo

Sustains 100% uptime, blazing fast performance, and hyper-growth with Webscale.



Ego Shoes Logo

Achieved 100% uptime and blazing fast performance with Webscale.


Ego Shoes Logo

Went from a black box to the world’s most scalable hosting infrastructure.


Ego Shoes Logo

Skated to site uptime, performance, and support wins with Webscale.



“I must tell you that your support team is something I have never encountered before in my professional career. Excellent, responsive and customer service oriented – words do not do them justice. I love these guys and your service. I have to get back to work, otherwise I would continue singing your team’s praises!”

Gregory Dihu

Director, Corporate Applications, Regal Entertainment Group

“Our patients are not beta testers – they just need to purchase their medicine and get relief. Thanks to Webscale, even though the traffic increases are immense, our patients’ buying experience is smooth.”

Rick Wilson

Director of IT, Trulieve

“I’m really liking the Webscale portal and being able to get a better glimpse of what is going on with the environment. Have had more questions than issues but support has been excellent at responding in a timely fashion. So glad we made this move.”

Shannon Bryant

Information Technology Specialist, Burgers’ Smokehouse

“Since migrating to the cloud, we’ve seen major improvements in website speed and stability, driving higher conversion rates, average order value and revenue. Webscale has improved our add-to-cart speed from 3.5 sec to 1.9 sec and our conversion rate is up 17% already. Webscale is a first rate partner that minimizes the pain associated with web hosting. As CMO, I am totally thrilled!”

Nick Carter

Chief Marketing Officer, Value Pet Supplies

“Since moving into the cloud with Webscale, we’ve seen our site’s performance increase and our hosting costs go down. Webscale has also been instrumental in protecting our site from harmful attacks and preventing bad bots from crawling our site and affecting site stability and performance. We couldn’t be happier!”

Nicholas Amoroso

Director of Ecommerce, Dese Enterprise (AMI Clubwear)

“Webscale has been very helpful with maintaining multiple websites that are all developed on different platforms. Their expertise has given us the ability to test and deploy production code faster than ever before while maximizing uptime!”

Cannon Moyer


“Webscale listened to our needs and addressed each one always exceeding our expectations. Their team of system and infrastructure engineers Performance Health worked with were always accessible, personable and listened to whatever questions or concerns we had along the way. The entire process from inception to launch went extremely well and we could not have been happier. ”

Adam Greenwell

Manager, Web Development, Performance Health

“Webscale is an awesome company to work with! Their support and staff are exactly what I would expect. Our sites are faster than ever and we are happier than ever. No other provider has worked with us on a level like they have.”

Jesse Thomas

Ecommerce Group Manager, Skate One Corp

“With Webscale, we didn’t see any slow down on the site, and we met every customer demand during the largest sale in Kuru’s history.”

Bret Rasmussen

Founder and CEO, Kuru Footwear

“Webscale has cut our monthly costs to 1/5th of what they were. Their support is fast and efficient. We couldn’t be happier with the service Webscale provides. I’m always impressed with their team’s thoroughness.”

Mike Morris

IT Manager,

“Since moving into the cloud with Webscale, we’ve seen our site’s performance and reliability increase exponentially. We are very pleased with the quality of hosting they are providing.”

Muaad Lamen

Ecommerce Manager,

“Webscale made our move to the cloud effortless and continues to offer amazing customer service with quick responses to all of our questions.”

Scott and Sherri Yukel


“Webscale has been very accommodating to our business and has already proven to be a valuable partner by further expanding our online infrastructure. At the end of the day I need to be concerned with what my team can do to better serve our customers instead of worrying about database stability or website latency. Webscale has afforded us that confidence and peace of mind. Prompt ticket response and overall resolution of issues.”

Luke Pietscher

VP of Ecommerce,

“Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how impressed I am with your support team. In particular, your help with our expired certificate last night. Couple that with some issues with getting our domains properly approved and we ended up at an 11th hour resolution, which your team did a great job handling.”

Tim Young

Solutions Architect, OnCourse Learning

“In a recent promotion, we were processing 100-200 checkouts per minute, with close to 100,000 checkouts that day, thanks to Webscale!”

Anand Dixit

VP of Technology, Skinit

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