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Webscale Managed Performance Service identifies and performs root cause analysis on specific components that may be impacting an ecommerce website’s performance. This is possible because the Webscale Intelligent CloudOps Platform has visibility from the edge to the application and into the infrastructure. Webscale Managed Performance Service also provides online brands with a prescriptive optimization service that focuses on improving conversion rates, as well as a range of features to help you identify and resolve issues that may be impacting the performance of your site, leading to increased revenue.

Major Performance Issues Impacting Ecommerce

Slow site speed

50% of online shoppers will bounce from a site if page load time exceeds 3 seconds. Google will also rank the website lower, impacting search visibility and organic traffic. CPC rates of Google Ads are also more for slow websites leading to an unnecessary increase in marketing spend.

Increased cart abandonment

The average cart abandonment rate across industries is 69.75%. Though all of it cannot be attributed to website performance issues, it remains one of the top 10 reasons. Ecommerce brands lose up to $18 billion a year due to cart abandonment.

Low conversions

There is sufficient research to prove that a second of delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. So if a merchant earns $500 a day, then they stand to lose $13K a year!

Poor user experience

A seamless customer experience can engage shoppers to stay online longer resulting in more page views, improved conversions and increased revenue. Web personalization is increasingly how shoppers define a compelling user experience and that hinges on site speed.

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Webscale Managed Performance Service

Actionable Insights That Drive Targeted Remediations and Performance Optimizations

Our managed service provides comprehensive findings, conclusive analyses, and targeted recommendations at the infrastructure performance and application performance levels to help you monitor your customer experience and make changes that can drive higher conversion rates.

Performance Acceleration Framework 

Mitigation and
Remediation Initiatives

Performance Impact Analysis and Mitigation
  • Checkouts based on page load time
  • Industry peer benchmarking
  • Week over week comparison
  • Top 5 “conversion loss” pages with performance breakdown
Core Web Vitals Analysis
  • Core Web Vitals Report for top performing pages
  • Week over week comparison
  • Google crawl results performance
  • Frontend browser side issues
  • Backend HTML build issues
  • Recommendations for code/configuration changes
Remediation Work and Improvement Execution

Webscale provides up to 20 hours of remediation work per month. This may include implementation of our recommended application delivery changes, infrastructure optimizations, or other performance improvements related to the underlying cloud execution stack.

Enhancement Prescriptions and Optimizations

Targeted Optimizations for the Top 3 Performance Bottlenecks

Webscale works closely with your development team, in reviewing the recommendations to improve your website’s performance and implementing the changes that will have the greatest impact on your conversion rates.

Configuration Change Impact Analysis

Webscale analyzes configuration changes that may have impacted your website’s performance. This includes monitoring changes to your infrastructure, application, and other components.

Implement Optimization Changes

Evaluation, Planning and Additional Execution

Executive Level Summaries

A quarterly summary that includes key performance indicators, insights into performance trends and issues, and recommendations for further improvement.

Performance Goal Setting
  • Conversion rates
  • Page load times
  • Page responsiveness

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