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Static Edge Providers’ Lack of Flexibility and Observability

Modern websites have evolved to incorporate dynamic site content, with pages generated from various components in response to user requests. This dynamic content generation places significant demands on backend databases and web servers, introducing latency and expanding the attack surface for malicious code. While dynamic content is essential, the reality is that most websites primarily consist of relatively static content, which is hosted on complex and expensive dynamic infrastructure. QuantCDN envisioned upending the traditional CDN paradigm, dramatically improving website performance, security, and cost.

Founder & CEO Stuart Rowlands realized that for many businesses, from major enterprises and brands to even governments, static content promised significant benefits. “The trick was to turn the traditional paradigm on its head,” explains Rowlands. “We needed to push content from the source the second it changes and host it at the edge for immediate delivery in response to user requests.”

Traditional CDN Paradigm

The conventional Content Delivery Network (CDN) paradigm was restricting website performance, security, and cost optimization. Dynamic content generation, while essential for modern websites, was resource-intensive and introduced latency and security vulnerabilities.

Need for Efficient Content Delivery

Delivering relatively static content as pre-assembled pages has immense benefits. This approach could enhance site performance, lower costs, and improve security. To achieve this, QuantCDN needed a solution to host static content efficiently.

Exploring Edge Deployment

QuantCDN required a platform capable of hosting static content at the edge, ensuring immediate delivery in response to user requests.

QuantCDN created a new type of content delivery network (CDN) that can generate, host and maintain a static version of any existing website with ease ensuring websites are scalable, safer, faster and leaner. After building the underlying technology, plug-ins and APIs needed to automatically track and push content changes from a CMS, QuantCDN still needed an edge provider to manage hosting of the static content and deliver the required simplicity, performance, security, cost efficiency and global reach.

Rowlands was familiar with CloudFlow’s Edge as a Service, and trusted its potential to simplify edge deployments.


For QuantCDN, Webscale CloudFlow Edge Operating System powered by Section offered the robust framework the team needed to build and deploy its solution, without the complexity involved with other, alternative approaches. Rowlands also appreciates the observability in the CloudFlow platform, calling it “key” to maintaining the expected performance and accessibility of QuantCDN.

“We considered a range of solutions, but each represented a higher barrier to entry,” says Rowlands. “CloudFlow provided the right building blocks and flexibility without the burden and cost of assembling this from scratch, and the observability to ensure it’s all operating as expected.”

Edge as a Service: CloudFlow’s Edge Operating System offered a simplified way to deploy and manage cloud-native apps for global distribution. With GitOps-based workflows, Kubernetes-native tooling, CI/CD pipeline integration, and a range of security and operational tools, CloudFlow provided the foundation needed for QuantCDN’s solution. The platform’s Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE) intelligently scaled edge workloads in real-time to meet traffic demands, allowing QuantCDN to focus on application management rather than infrastructure.

Observability for Managing Security and Performance: CloudFlow’s observability suite was crucial for QuantCDN to maintain performance and accessibility. The platform’s HTTP Extensions and Recommended Partner applications enabled the integration of pre-packaged security and performance solutions while offering flexibility for custom workloads. This allowed QuantCDN to support traditional CDN functions like caching and Web Application Firewall (WAF) alongside its static edge, creating a comprehensive solution for modern and traditional projects.

“We considered a range of solutions, but each represented a higher barrier to entry. CloudFlow provided the right building blocks, flexibility and control, without the burden and cost of assembling this from scratch, and the observability to ensure it’s all operating as expected. CloudFlow has taken the pain out of managing and scaling workloads across multi-region and multi-cloud, offering the right level of core complexity abstraction to build on.”

Stuart Rowlands
Founder & CEO


CloudFlow’s Edge as a Service has become a central component of QuantCDN, and the partnership is poised for further growth. QuantCDN plans to address the challenges of increasing DDoS attacks, rising web infrastructure complexity, growing costs, surging traffic, and the transition to serverless workloads with CloudFlow as an integral part of their strategy.

CloudFlow’s technology aligns seamlessly with QuantCDN’s mission to simplify content delivery and address the demands of the modern web infrastructure landscape. As organizations shift from running select payloads to arbitrary custom payloads, CloudFlow’s capabilities will enable developers to operate at the edge without the complexities associated with multi-cloud and multi-region deployments.

The collaboration between QuantCDN and CloudFlow has reimagined content delivery, delivering enhanced performance, security, and cost-efficiency. CloudFlow’s adaptable platform and observability tools have been instrumental in QuantCDN’s success. 

Global CDN

CloudFlow allows QuantCDN to offer customers accelerated static web content delivery worldwide.

Deep observability

CloudFlow enables QuantCDN to maintain its performance, security and accessibility with comprehensive analytics and actionable insights.

Seamless Security and Performance Management

CloudFlow’s HTTP Extensions and Recommended Partner applications allow QuantCDN to combine pre-packaged security and performance solutions with Node.js or custom containers and serverless workloads.


Thanks to CloudFlow’s flexibility, alongside the static edge, QuantCDN offers full support for traditional CDN functions such as caching, WAF, etc., so customers can use QuantCDN as a one-stop solution across a mix of modern and traditional projects.