A Supercloud for
Modern Application Delivery

A Supercloud approach is advantageous for high-performance application delivery because it leverages a distributed network of computing resources across multiple providers and locations. This redundancy ensures low latency, high availability, and infinite scalability. It optimizes workload placement, enabling applications to run where needed, precisely when needed, delivering exceptional user experiences regardless of geographic location, all while mitigating the risk of downtime.

6 Reasons Enterprises are Choosing a Supercloud for Application Delivery

Reduced latency

Through the utilization of edge computing, the Supercloud diminishes latency by handling data in proximity to the end-user. This method proves especially advantageous for applications demanding immediate processing, like gaming and video streaming.

Greater flexibility

With the Supercloud, organizations gain the ability to unshackle vendor lock-in and employ multiple cloud providers, offering increased flexibility when it comes to resource distribution, workload administration, and cost-efficiency enhancements.

Infinite scalability and resilience

The Supercloud’s architectural design prioritizes exceptional scalability and robustness. Utilizing multi-provider and multi-location computing, it effectively disperses workloads among various providers and geographic sites, guaranteeing elevated availability and minimizing downtime risks.

Improved security

Leveraging edge computing to process data in proximity to end-users, the Supercloud bolsters security. It empowers organizations to establish comprehensive defenses, mitigating the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks effectively.

Deep observability

The Supercloud allows you to go beyond application level insights to gather deep visibility and insights into compute resource utilization, ensuring that businesses get the most out of their multi-cloud investments.

Enhanced user experience

Supercloud elevates the user experience by reducing latency, ensuring faster content delivery, enhancing reliability, and optimizing application performance, resulting in seamless and engaging interactions for end-users.

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A Supercloud for Modern Enterprises

CDN vs. Supercloud

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Real-time Processing

  • Primarily optimized for static content.
  • Supports real-time processing for dynamic content leading to superior user experiences.


  • Reduces latency for static content.

  • Significantly reduces latency with edge computing, critical for real-time interactions.


  • Highly available but vulnerable to regional outages.

  • High availability and resiliency through multi-provider, multi-location computing, reducing the risk of downtime.


  • Requires manual configuration changes for scalability.

  • Dynamic scalability; adjusts resources based on demand, enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Limited security capabilities focused on content delivery.

  • Enhanced security with edge computing; supports defense-in-depth.


  • Tied to specific cloud provider; limited flexibility.

  • Allows use of multiple cloud providers; vendor-neutral.

Application Portability

  • Vendor lock-in; limits application portability.

  • Promotes cloud-agnostic application delivery. 

Content Optimization

  • Excels at caching and serving static content. 
  • Optimizes both static and dynamic content delivery.

Insights & Analytics

  • Focuses on content delivery metrics; limited application-level insights.

  • Provides deep analytics and actionable insights on infrastructure and applications, leading to data-driven decisions

Comprehensive Solution

  • Limited in handling dynamic, data-rich applications.

  • Comprehensive solution for high performance applications addressing the complexities of deeply containerized multi-cloud environments.

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Webscale CloudFlow Supercloud Platform

Webscale envisions the democratization of enterprise-level distributed application architecture, translating into a competitive technology edge while reducing operational costs tied to multi-cloud management, global container orchestration, and disaster recovery. CloudFlow Supercloud Platform woven into a unified mesh cloud network simplifies the complexities of advanced multi-cloud deployment and application delivery, allowing users to focus on innovation. With a single click, users can securely launch container applications across our extensive network of compute locations. Powered by the patented Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE), Webscale CloudFlow auto-optimizes workload placements across the Supercloud, delivering exceptional user experiences globally.

  • High availability
  • Managed Ingress Controller
  • DDoS Protection
  • Compliance
  • Deploy in minutes
  • ZeroOps
  • Cost efficiency
  • Web Applications (Next.js, Express.js, GoLang, Nginx)
  • GraphQL API Servers (Apollo, Hasura)
  • Varnish Cache
  • Kubernetes Workloads
  • Machine Learning (PyTorch/Tensorflow)
  • PostgreSQL