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Armed with the metrics that matter most from a single dashboard, and not a myriad of disconnected tools, merchants on the Webscale platform have access to detailed, actionable insights on the efficacy of their marketing programs, user experience, security posture, performance, and much more.

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Ecommerce Analytics and Actionable Insights for your Storefront

What data are you missing?

What’s driving up your cart abandonment and bounce rates? Why is the site slow? Why did it crash? What’s happening to your sales conversions and average cart size? Do you know what your customers are doing on your storefront, and where they came from?

Data-driven Ecommerce

Ecommerce Insights that go beyond Google

Should you invest in the front end or backend, bigger infrastructure, or different architecture? The answer to these key questions has to be data-driven, but how do merchants find the analysis they need to make the right decision?

  • Google Analytics data represents only a subset of your entire traffic. Why did the revenue drop – infrastructure, an application issue, something else?
  • Webscale offers analytics for ecommerce delivered through a portal that provides single pane of glass visibility into the end user experience, edge analytics, security analytics, application analytics, event analytics and business analytics

Ecommerce Performance Analytics

Track front end performance with Webscale Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Are you able to monitor and evaluate the end user experience of your website? Can you track and report on front end performance indicators like page views and page depth, bounce rate and sales conversion ratio? Can you correlate these metrics with revenue?

  • Webscale’s Real User Monitoring tools capture RUM metrics, Core Web Vitals, TTFB and TTI, providing insights to developers to improve search visibility and organic traffic, through timely optimizations
  • Access deep analytics to map and evaluate customer journeys, and take actions to enhance user engagement

Edge Analytics

Everything you need to know about your CDN-delivered traffic

Is your site’s performance slow despite having a CDN? Has your CDN’s health degraded? Is the possibility of delivering a poor end user experience keeping you up at night?

  • Webscale’s Ecommerce Analytics software allows users to view standard and real-time logs, evaluate performance and usage trends, isolate errors or configuration optimizations
  • Receive real-time alerts on CDN performance metrics – requests, bytes downloaded/uploaded, 4xx/5xx error rates, and more
  • Detailed Cache Statistics Report includes total requests, viewer requests by result type, bytes transferred, HTTP status codes, incomplete GET requests and more

Security Analytics

Deep analytics to ensure always-on security and early threat detection

Is your security proactive or reactive? Without an intelligent analytics tool, security administrators can only respond to threats after your infrastructure has been compromised.

  • Perform rapid analysis of operational and security logs in real-time to detect, diagnose and resolve threats related to bots, DDoS and more
  • Build rules to automate firewall actions using Web Controls or use pre-defined and tested rulesets based on your ecommerce application

Application Analytics

Improve application efficiency through rapid identification and resolution of performance issues

In the dark on how to optimize your ecommerce application? Dev team struggling with little visibility into what is impacting your application’s digital health?

  • Analyze, in real-time, the success rate and latency of end user and scaling requests, sessions, page views and HTTP requests hitting the application
  • Slice and dice application requests to quickly diagnose problems, understand trends and make more informed decisions
  • Understand how your infrastructure is scaling out/in based on different traffic scenarios

Event Analytics

Track all admin and code changes to reduce human error

Experiencing downtime or broken links and pages when adding new features and functionalities, or refreshing content? Frustrated by their impact on revenue?

  • Ecommerce monitoring, and event log reporting in real-time – track any changes to the infrastructure and when deployments were made; easily correlate that to health of the application, UX and business KPIs
  • Receive alerts in real-time when the site breaks, or links fail, protecting your revenue and customer reputation

Business Analytics

Understand the impact your infrastructure has on revenue

Overwhelmed by too many tools, and too much disconnected data? Struggling to make intelligent decisions in real-time for your ecommerce business, or correlate analytics with impact on revenue?

  • Gather the necessary intelligence on application health to optimize for better UX, conversions and checkout volume
  • Understand what aspects of the application or infrastructure require attention
  • Perform cost/benefit analysis and drive investment to the most important areas of your technology stack