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The application-aware, cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF), addressing the pain points businesses face with regards to the security of their critical web applications

Threats at the web application layer can have catastrophic consequences. These can include the theft of sensitive information, such as credit card data, a competitor scraping your site for product information, or attacks that render a web application unavailable for users. These threats can lead to a significant loss in revenue, as well as irreparable damage to your brand reputation. Cloud Secure, from Webscale, is a powerful web application firewall (WAF) that uses a decentralized, software-defined web application delivery architecture to monitor user traffic and application infrastructure in real-time, enabling always-on security with application-aware, customized rules to protect against sophisticated attacks.
Web Application Firewall


Mitigate DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks can bring a website down in seconds, while being complex to detect and mitigate. The Webscale Cloud Secure web application firewall (WAF) identifies and blocks millions of attacks daily from all over the world, automatically learning from each new threat.

Real-time access control

Threats often originate from known sources. As a web application firewall (WAF), Cloud Secure instantly blocks, redirects or allows requests and sessions by IP address, device type or geographic location.

Best-in-class HTTPS support

Cloud Secure enables best-in-class HTTPS support with the latest SSL/TLS standards, without having to make any changes to the web application infrastructure. Deploying Cloud Secure adjacent to the web application ensures better SSL/TLS offload and encryption from the application servers, enabling more efficient use of infrastructure.

PCI-DSS Compliant

The Webscale Cloud Secure web application firewall (WAF) is Level 1 Service Provider-grade PCI-DSS compliant, ensuring your web applications are adhering to the latest PCI security standards. With Webscale, you can quickly and easily protect your customers’ sensitive data from external threats, without making any changes to your web application.

Protect against OWASP Top 10

The Webscale Cloud Secure web application firewall (WAF) automatically protects critical web applications from the most common vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and other OWASP top 10 threats.

True Cloud SaaS

The Webscale Cloud Secure web application firewall (WAF) is simple to deploy and easy to manage via an intuitive customer portal. Offering significant ROI benefits over hardware and software-based deployments, Webscale is a true SaaS solution, always future-proofed with new security rules and software updates automatically applied across our entire customer base instantly.

Web Application Firewall for Event Network

Event Network manages more than 80 online storefronts for our customers and we were seeing DDoS attacks propagating from all over the world, affecting multiple domains every hour. Neither us nor our hosting provider could keep up, and we experienced shut downs that cost valuable revenue. Webscale is a true extension of our team, and we’ve had 100% uptime since working with them, as well as the type of support and commitment that keeps all our domains running 24x7x365, at optimal performance.

E-Commerce Director Event Network

Features and Functionality


Cloud Secure is the only web application firewall (WAF) designed with application awareness, including specific optimizations for e-commerce and enterprise web applications.  Each web application may have different security needs and the ability to apply custom security policies is critical for web application owners and IT. Cloud Secure enables predefined security rulesets based on the e-commerce application.

Decentralized Control and Data planes

Webscale’s decentralized and software-defined web application delivery architecture allows the data plane to reside in close proximity to the web application, giving it unprecedented, real-time insight into all activity, while its control plane is able to make changes and deploy safeguards if issues are detected.

Rate Limiting

The Cloud Secure web application firewall empowers application owners to block requests for a specified duration, or rate limit resource-intensive user sessions to mitigate their impact on the overall application.

Block and Allow Lists

The Webscale Cloud Secure web application firewall (WAF) offers superior flexibility in maintaining block/allow lists to block (or allow) requests and sessions by IP address, user agent or the user’s origin country.

Custom Security Rules

Cloud Secure allows enterprises to upload, create and configure custom security rules to meet their particular security and business needs, all from within the Webscale portal.  Webscale automatically includes web application firewall (WAF) rulesets specifically fine-tuned for many applications, including online storefronts.

Shield Mode

When an application is inundated with a flood of web-traffic from a distributed set of bots, Webscale Shield mode provides instant, one-click DDoS protection, only validating  human users to access the application by passing through a customizable microsite.

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